Everything you need to know about Emsculpt, the non-invasive toning treatment.

Everybody has a particular body part they prefer to obsess over and for me, it has always been my stomach. I had essentially given up on having a stomach that is even remotely near Gigi Hadid's abs due to my sporadic and uninspired training regimen. Because of this, when offered the FDA-approved body-contouring treatment called Emsculpt at Thérapie Clinic, I jumped at the chance to learn more about the treatment that promised to both burn fat and build muscle in the abdominal region.

The treatment promises no downtime, that it’s quick and painless and the initial consultations with Thérapie Clinic's expert team, is free.

Meet the experts

Thérapie Clinic has been one of Europe’s leading medical aesthetic clinics for over 20 years. They carved a niche, creating an exceptionally strong, recognized brand through the supply of affordable, accessible and most up to date Laser and Aesthetic treatments.

What is Emsculpt?

Emsculpt uses cutting-edge technology to tone your body and help eliminate fat.  The name Emsculpt is derived from the science behind the treatment. The initial two letters — the E and the M in Emsculpt — is the innovation behind it as it utilizes electromagnetic energy to get the muscles to contract in the space you're treating. The process is similar to the way in which we contract our muscles normally however with Emsculpt, it assumes control over that process to stronger extent than our bodies can. By utilizing this electromagnetic energy, it causes the muscles do what are called super maximal contractions.

When you do an ab workout, you are frequently only activating about half of the muscle group every three or four seconds.  With Emsculpt, it activates 100% of the muscles around 20,000 times in a 30-minute period.

The benefits of Emsculpt

  • It’s easy
  • Muscle is developed at the same time as fat being burned
  • The treatment only takes 30 minutes
  • Appropriately spaced treatments give the treatment's time to build on each other and produce longer-lasting results

If the idea of lying still for 30 minutes, fully clothed and getting the definition and fat-burning effect of 20,000 tummy crunches each time sounds good to you, then Emsculpt will be right up your street.  The hyper-contraction of the muscle causes the fatty acids in the muscle cells to leak out. Emsculpt can certainly emphasize definition all on its own, but the best results will come from a combination of Emsculpt treatments, a healthy diet and a consistent exercise regimen.  So if you are already in great shape, Emsculpt alone will deliver a more toned physique.  If you have more of an average body type like most people (and me!), it delivers enhanced definition of the abdominal area.

What prep is involved?

None! Because Emsculpt is a non-invasive treatment, patients won’t need to fast or undergo rest time prior to their appointments. Just show up to your appointment and that’s it!

What should you expect during the treatment?

The actual Emsculpt treatment is painless.  You hop up on the treatment bed which is in a private room.  The device straps are placed over the chosen body area (e.g. stomach area) and the device ‘paddles’ are tucked into the straps.  They feel secure and can be adjusted for comfort.  It’s helpful to wear loose clothes, as there is no need to undress - you can simply pull your top up/push your bottoms down a little to allow the device paddles to be put in place.  The therapist will turn the machine on and start a low power level to get used to the contractions.  The contractions occur a few seconds apart and feel a little strange to start – like intense vibrations that reach your very core.   

Its not uncomfortable but it’s a little unusual at first whilst you get used to the treatment.  Once you are used to the contractions, the therapist will increase the power up to 100%.  After a few contractions, the machine will then switch over to a tapping motion.  This is to help break up the lactic acid that is being released by the muscles to avoid delayed onset muscle soreness - just like stretching after the gym to avoid next day pains after a good workout. The treatment goes back between contractions and tapping over the 30-minute period.  

Where can you treat?

Emsculpt can be done across a number of body parts – not just the abdomen calves, back and front of thighs, buttocks and biceps /triceps.   Ask the Thérapie Clinic's expert team about the area you would like to have the treatment. 

Is it suitable for me?

The treatment is a low-stress experience so for the average patient, there won’t be any side effects during or after the treatment.  It’s non-invasive but there are some candidates that won’t be ideal for the treatment. It should not be used by anyone that has metal or electronics (e.g. pacemakers) in their bodies nor should it be undertaken during pregnancy. This means that it is important to discuss and disclose all relevant information at the initial consultation session.

After the treatment

The day after my first treatment, my ab area felt slightly sore – like it would after a Pilates or core class.  I went back for three more treatments spaced out over 4 weeks.  With each treatment the stomach area feels tighter and more toned.  I also noticed better muscle definition in my stomach area and my waist is more defined.  My therapist encouraged me to continue eating well and drinking loads of water to ensure that I wasn’t hindering my results.  I was time-starved and could only commit to doing the treatment once a week but they do recommend that you do them twice a week to deliver results more quickly.  I would also expect that if I committed to a longer course of sessions e.g. 8 or 12 that the results would continue to build each week.

The cost

Results can be seen from 1 session, but for stubborn areas, Thérapie Clinics recommend a course of 4 sessions.

One session costs €495 or from €249 per session when purchased as a course of 4.

Prices are correct a time of going to press.

Would we recommend it?

Emsculpt is an effective treatment – combine it with eating healthy and working out along with the treatment (even a little!) and you’ll be really pleased with the results.  Even if you don’t work out, you will notice it has an impact and it does deliver a very positive change to the stomach area.   It isn’t a miracle cure and you won’t leave with abs of steel but my stomach area did feel (and look) leaner, tighter and just all-round more toned.

Thérapie Clinic have clinics all over Ireland – to find your local clinic and to book your free consultation visit https://www.therapieclinic.com/ie/emsculpt/ now.


The author received complimentary Emsculpt treatments in exchange for an honest review.  The before and after photos included in this article, are file photos.