Get ready mums, because we are about to give you some really excellent news.


According to a new study (thank you, science), some properties found in wine grapes have been linked to a sharper brain. 


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Over the years, several studies have highlighted the benefits of drinking a glass of wine a day, but this revelation is changing the game.


The David Geffen School of Medicine at the University of California has shown that a polyphenol found in grape skins can strengthen brain activity. 


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The research revealed an impressive result on older case studies, who were experiencing cognitive decline or alzheimer’s and dementia.


The study claims that younger males and females could use the findings to their advantage, as a preventive method for possible neurodegenerative diseases.


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“The earlier you intervene, the less damage there will have been. Once there’s damage, there’s no reversing that,” Dr. Daniel Silverman, head of UCLA’s Neuronuclear Imaging Section, said.


Well, who are we to argue with that?


Pour yourself a glass.