Dearbhalla Baviera

Dearbhalla Baviera

Career Navigation Coach
Dearbhalla is a Women in Business Executive Coach and Gender Diversity consultant. She helps women to drive their career forward or make the career change that they have been thinking about. She is also a business coach for women setting up and growing their own business. From a corporate point of view, she helps organisations to feed their pipeline of female talent through providing interventions to women at management and senior management level. It is at the stage, often mid-career, that women find it hard to keep their career moving forward as well as juggling competing life demands. Not just children but ageing parents and life experience cause us to look at our priorities and focus.

During this stage, many women don’t realise that there are subtle shifts to career navigation. It’s no longer just about working hard, getting the job done and managing your team. It is about raising your profile, influencing, engaging strategically with upward management and developing yourself as a future leader. It’s not necessarily about working harder but it is about working smarter and working in a different way.
Dearbhalla Baviera is a Coach, Speaker, Consultant, Facilitator and Trainer with twenty years’ experience of blue chip and big five management consultancy and coaching experience. She brings together her professional experience in change management, project management, strategic planning, communications, training, executive and personal coaching when working with both organisations and individual clients to bring them through a change or indeed transformational experience.
Dearbhalla brings a wide range of experience having worked in Ireland, the UK, the US, Europe and the Middle East. As a motivational speaker and trainer, Dearbhalla has an engaging and personal style which touches a chord with the audience. She tells it from the heart so that it makes sense to the head.
About Dearbhalla
Dearbhalla is a mum of four. Having gone back to work as a management consultant after her first maternity leave, she spent a few years at home after a move to the Middle East and baby number two, and founded Clearbird Coaching & Consulting on returning to Ireland and the arrival of twins.
She is continuously striving to 'make it work' – running her own business, being a mum, a wife, a daughter, a friend. She has been in the same place as many of her clients. She has managed the transition back to work after maternity leave and all of the challenges that entails. She has also stood at the crossroads while trying to figure out what changes she needed to make so that her career made sense for her going forward. Navigating your career and fitting in life and work is not always easy but Dearbhalla firmly believes that if you can get that clarity around what you are striving for, the simpler job is putting a plan in place to achieve it.
Dearbhalla considers it a privilege to have built a career doing something that she loves, and helping and empowering women to more forward and live a life well lived.

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