Doula To You

Doula To You

Postpartum Doulas

Ceara McManus and Eleanor Farrell are two passionate postnatal doulas. They met at a DONA International training, and soon realised that the paths that had led them there had been running in parallel. Cue a beautiful friendship, turned doulas, turned biz partners. They are members of the Doula Association of Ireland

They were inspired to become postnatal doulas from being well supported in their own experiences in becoming new mothers. They truly believe that if new parents are cared for and nurtured in the same way newborns are, then they will flourish and thrive themselves. It can be hard to reach out, find new friends and ask for support in this vulnerable time – postnatal doulas make this a little bit easier.

Postnatal doulas provide practical, emotional and informational support to new parents in the first three months and beyond. They are there in your home with you, giving you the time and space to bond with your baby. They look after you and your family so you don’t have to worry about anything but recovering and getting to know yourselves as parents and your new baby. 

Having help and reassurance in the early weeks and months as we transition into parenthood can make the journey so much gentler.

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