Eileen Keane

Eileen Keane

Life and Parent Coach
As a qualified Life and Parent Coach with a background in child psychology, Eileen has a passion in people and what makes them tick- how we become who we are, and what helped or hindered us along the way.
Most of Eileen's professional life has been spent gathering information about how our younger generation works, how they deal with difficult situations, how social media is effecting them socially and emotionally; and how their school life, social life and home life impact on their everyday experiences. Having started her career running private workshops for 12- to 18-year-olds in confidence building, positive self-esteem, positive friendships and relationships, choices and consequences, social media and bullying awareness; Eileen saw a need for these lessons within the schooling system.

She now works with over 2000 teenagers in a school year and has gained so much insight into their thought process. A few years ago, she began looking at her own life and the choices that have led her to where she is today. She became committed to learning how to feel really good about herself, regardless of what others thought about her, or what circumstances were going on in her life. That didn’t mean she was arrogant; it meant she learned how to be true to herself. At times this was challenging, but with the tools she has acquired, she managed to stay on track. Jumpstart is Eileen's passion, and she feels very lucky to be in a position to have a job that is her passion. 
Whether the next phase in your life involves hitting the books, hitting secondary school, hitting the road or finding your passion; Eileen will help you to get motivated and keep you on track. Her general philosophy is based on the power of the mind. Your thoughts do make your life story. You have the ability to choose the person you want to be, choose the path you want to take – you just need to believe in yourself. Wisdom, gut feelings, instinct, intuition, self-belief and self-confidence are key values that all play a big role in how you are in the world.
Eileen tells us: "I asked myself, 'Why do we start coaching so late in life, why do we not teach these tools to kids and help them to be the best they can be from an early age?' This is why I extended my business to the younger kids also; I now cater for eight- to 18-year-olds in all of the above areas."

Her motto? 'Be the best you can be'.

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