We have all heard those stories of epic birth control fails, but Lucy Hellein’s account really takes it to the next level!


Lucy, who welcomed her son Dexter Tyler last week, has become an internet sensation after a photo of the tot holding her Mirena coil went viral.


Baby Dexter entered the world weighing 9lbs 1oz, and according to Lucy, her Mirena was found nestled behind her placenta!


An astonished Lucy took to Facebook to share the incredible story, plus a photo of the adorable newborn tot clutching the Mirena in his tiny hand.



“Mirena fail!” wrote Lucy. “Dexter Tyler, 27 April 2017 at 08:40 (his original due date was May 4). 9lbs 1oz, 21.5 in., Mirena found behind my placenta.”


In a later post, she explained: “For those wondering, no I did not push him out, he was a scheduled C-section. My daughter was an emergency C-section, so I had this one scheduled primarily because I didn’t want to risk the possibility of going through another emergency C-section. During the C-section, my OB planned on searching for the MIA Mirena as well as remove my fallopian tube (shutting down my end of the baby factory).”


As you can imagine, the photo has gone completely viral online, garnering almost 71,000 shares in less than a week. Some of the reactions have been just as priceless as the photo itself, too.


“This just means he was a fighter from the word go,” wrote a friend of Lucy’s, while others branded the candid snapshot ‘hysterical’.



And when asked if it was OK to share the photo, Lucy joked: “Share away…the only safe birth control is abstinence! Lol!”


Naturally, Lucy has been taken aback by the response to her story. The proud new mum took to her social media channels last night to share an important update for all those looking for more information.


“Thank you everyone for all the well wishes and encouraging words! My inbox is currently flooded with messages. I’m slowly trying to respond to all of them. Please be patient, as I am still recovering from C-section, and both Dex and I are adjusting to our daily routine,” she wrote, sharing a beautiful photo of Dexter, now six days old.


We are already expecting great things from this adorable little tot!