20 solo date ideas to treat yourself instead of relying on others

When you imagine yourself on a date, you picture somebody else sitting opposite you at a dinner table or holding someone’s hand as you walk into the cinema together, right? Well how about instead of that imagine you’re on a date with yourself. Completely lost in your own thoughts with no worries about a lull in conversation or having to compromise on where you’re going to eat or drink. Doesn’t that sound incredible?

People often think the idea of going on a date on their own is daunting or sometimes embarrassing in case strangers around them think they’re odd or were stood up. In reality, people really don’t care about what others are up to because they’re too busy with their own lives.

There’s no need to rely on your partner or friends all of the time to do things you want to do. If a new restaurant has opened and everyone you know is too busy, go by yourself, or if there’s a new movie out in the cinema that isn’t your other half’s cup of tea, take yourself off to see it. 

If you’re considering going on a solo date and are nervous about the idea or have never really considered it before, we highly recommend taking the time to date yourself, and to make it easier, we’ve compiled a list of solo date ideas that are super fun to do and won’t break the bank!

Check them out below and treat yourself to a date with you:

1. Go for a coffee 

2. Walk in the park

3. Browse your local library

4. Go shopping for a new outfit

5. Have a full pamper night

6. Go to the cinema 

7. Paint a picture & crack open a bottle of wine

8. Get your nails done (or paint them yourself)

9. Cook yourself a fancy meal

10. Go to your local market & treat yourself to some flowers

11. Have a relaxing bath & listen to a podcast

12. Read a book on the beach (or on your couch because we can't always rely on the weather!)

13. Go to the theatre and watch a live show

14. Walk around your local museum or art gallery

15. Treat yourself to brunch 

16. Go to a bar & enjoy a cocktail (or three)

17. Tie-dye some old clothes 

18. Go to a yoga class

19. Watch your favourite movies & enjoy ALL of the snacks 

20. Make a playlist of your favourite songs & walk go for a walk