American father, Craig Schlichenmeyer had gotten so sick of asking his daughter Haley, to tidy her room, that he decided to take matters into his own hands.
"One day I had enough of it so I set up her room in the driveway.”
Craig put Haley’s bed, desk, computer and bookcase all on display in front of their house.
He then put up a giant sign in front of his daughter’s items that said: “Haley, Room Moved To Driveway. Clean It Next Time.”
But the dad maintains he wasn’t trying to shame his daughter and is still immensely proud of her.
“My intention was just to surprise her and let her know we were serious about taking ownership and pride in her room... and doing the right thing. When we tell her to clean it up, clean it up."
Even though Haley wasn’t originally happy with her father’s punishment tactics; both father and daughter have made up since his Haley’s dramatic "bedroom move".