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01/10/2017 18:15
We're really looking forward to hearing how you got on with the Mums Say Trial for Cellnutrition
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29/10/2017 21:56
Thanks so much for letting me try out Cellnutrition - I had never heard of it until now. I often take supplements, I don't have a great diet, and once winter hits I tend to feel very run down. I'd normally just buy a multivitamin, and use that for a few months.
I was happy to start Cellnutrition instead, and it has worked well. I can't say I notice an big change, but that's the same when I take a multivitamin, I think it all just works quietly in the background.
I did notice one major thing though, a few years ago I had an operation on my tongue, and it left a scar which often flares up, since taking cellnutrition there have been no flare ups - which is really fantastic. Nothing else has done that.
Will definitely use again, and would recommend to friends. My only gripe was the taste ... I know it's all natural nutrients from the sea, and to be fair it's very easy to take and its only a small amount, so it's not a huge deal, me just being picky I guess. And for the change it's made for me that wouldn't stop me taking it.
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31/10/2017 08:42
Hi I started the cellnutrition quinton on my son who is 5 with autism he is very hyperactive and has alot of meltdowns when I first started them he said he had pains everywhere and didn't like how he felt but o stopped for a day but then started again since then the improvement is amazing I give him 2 vials a day he has had no meltdowns since and sleeping is great he's only taken 10 mins to fall asleep which used to be 1 hour struggle before also he's eating alot more for me
I'm really looking forward to what's coming ahead for us will definitely keeping my son on these
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31/10/2017 13:04
I have a very good diet, well balanced and lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, but I do believe as you get older you need different nutrients and they aren't always available in food. So I was very happy to test this out.
It comes in little tubes of liquid, which you take daily. They are easy to take, they sit on my counter so it's easy to remember to take them. Simple really.
If I were to make one recommendation it would be to have the tubes of liquid in something else other than glass. There were no problems with it, I just thought it was a bit fiddly.
I've noticed a good difference since I started taking them, I do feel brighter and less sluggish. I'm very happy to continue to take them and would recommend.
Thanks so much for letting me test this out.
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04/11/2017 21:20
I was very happy to take part in the cellnutrition trial. I had never heard of cellnutrition but have been feeling run down lately and was looking for something natural and chemical free as i am breastfeeding.
I did feel a bit more energetic and slept better at night after about a week of takung the tonics. I would take two in the morning although found the taste off putting first thing in the morning. I was also a bit concerned with the glass vials as have 3 young kids and was worried they could break them or cut themselves.
Besides that i thought the benefits were quite good and the formula unique so would recommend them.
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14/11/2017 22:33
I have always taken supplements, even when i was a kid my mum gave us vitamin C, I think it's a good habit to be in. I don't take them all the time, but definitely once or twice throughout the year, I'll take them for a few months.
It's interesting to try cellnutrition - as the name suggests, it is designed to maintain healthy cells, which I think is a good idea rather than focusin on simply one element.
Having tried it for four weeks, I felt better in myself. I can't say I was jumping off the couch with energy, but I was less sluggish, and more relaxed.
I will continue taking them, and would recommend to other mums out there - being a mum is a busy 24/7 job so if there are things out there to help you through, especially as they are if they're 100% natural and 100% organic.
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16/11/2017 08:44
I have been on a bit of a health kick since last year, I embarked on a major diet, as I was very overweight and it really was having a terribly negative effect on my life, and my family.

I've lost three and a half stone, and I'm thrilled with myself. When I started eating more healthily, and exercising, I started feeling so much better, but I do seem to have plateaued, so I was looking for a boost to keep me feeling good.

I really found the hypertonic gave me a great energy boost, especially as winter draws in again, cold and dark evenings can make it so easy to just sit in front of the TV, with more energy, I'm happy to get out and exercise, I have a walking club with my girlfriends, and I found I'm looking forward to getting out there rather than dreading it. This is exactly what I was looking for.
I've shared the results wiht the girls in the group, and I would recommend to others - it's the perfect time of year to take it, just when you're feeling lazy and cold.
Thanks for letting me test cellnutrition, will keep it up.
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18/11/2017 12:37
I was very grateful to be selected to take part in this trial, over the last year I've suffered with mild health issues including skin rashes (unexplained) and IBS, it's nothing too debilitating, but after a while you just get sick of being sick. I was very willing to give Cellnutrition a go as it's natural.
I started taking one in the morning and one in the evening, it's not the tastiest thing I've ever had, but not the worst either.
In general, I'm very happ with the results, the skin rash has all but disappeared, and my IBS really has improved. 
I have taken lots of other rmedications and creams, and some worked but only temporarily. I'm very happy to find something that is curently working and fingers crossed will continue to be effective. I do recommend to others with similar issues.
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20/11/2017 08:26
Thank you for letting me test Cellnutrition - I had never heard of it before I saw it on MummyPages. As with all these things I tend to be sceptical, but since trying it, I do feel like I have more energy, and the hairdresser tells me she's never seen my hair grow so well lol
I take one vile every morning, I know the recommendation is morning and evening of each, but I thought I'd start slow, and it seems to be working well.
I'm very conscious of keeping healthy and fit, especially as I progress into the 40s, I'm also conscious that my diet wouldn't be the best, so Cellnutrition offers a good supplement option.
I'm very confident taking it, especially as it's totally natural - of course with all good things come some bad - the taste is not what I would consider pleasant, but it's worth it.
I would recommend, and will continue using it.
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30/12/2017 09:13
Thank you so much for letting me take part, i had never heard of Cellnutrition before now, and I'm not really one for taking supplements to be honest. But during the year, I seem to have been hit with every bug going, so I thought this might be worth a go. I have been taking it now for a month, and since the cold weather and bugs have done the rounds, I'm delighted to say I haven't had anything which is brilliant news. I was worried when the kids came home with sore throat and runny noses that I'd end up with the same, but thankfully I didn't.
I'm delighted with the results. Wasn't mad on the taste of the capsules, but it was 100% worth it. I will continue and would recommend.
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31/12/2017 19:30
I had never heard of cellnutrition before I saw it here, and since reading up on it, it makes perfect sense that you'd have to nourish your cells to ensure they operate at the optimum output.
I started taking both viles, one in the morning and one in the evening, but then changed to just one a day as I felt it was enough. I feel that overall everything has improved from the condition of my skin, my hair and a general feeling of being less worn out. I also feel I have been in brighter form, perhaps not being so tired has also made a big difference to me there.
I'm not sure I noticed any of these things immediately, but once I stopped taking them, I did see a change.
I would take it again as I feel it's worthwhile as a pick-me-up. And I would recommend.