Feedback for Fairy Non-Bio Gel 38 Washes
21/02/2018 15:06
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Feedback for Fairy Non-Bio Gel 38 Washes
25/04/2018 13:33
We are forever washing clothes and the rumble of the washing machine is a constant noise in our kitchen so I was delighted to be selected for this trial. The idea of testing a new laundry product which could help improve the cleanliness of clothing and the feel of the fabric on sensitive skin was very appealing to me.

Before the trial, I was very well aware of the Fairy brand. I had heard of Fairy Non-Bio gel but I had not used it before. Fairy washing up liquid is a regular feature in our shopping trolley and it is the product I normally associate with the Fairy brand. However we have also used Fairy Non-Bio Washing liquid and Washing Powder and have been very satisfied with these products. We tend to switch brands frequently depending on what is on offer, recommendations and advertising campaigns. In particular, I liked the Fairy Non-Bio Washing Liquid which I found versatile, easy to use, and good for pre-treating heavily soiled clothes too.

Yes I did like using Fairy Non-Bio gel. What stood out for me was that the clothes came out sparkling after just one wash, even when it was a cold wash. Often it takes several washes to clean out the more heavy stains. Perhaps it was because I was examining them closely for this trial but I really felt they were noticeably brighter and fresher looking than I had experienced in the past. The clothing also felt soft and gentle up to the skin which was great as a few of us at home suffer from very dry skin. I liked the pleasant aroma from the laundry which was not in any way overpowering. It impressed me that I got so many washes from 1 bottle, so even for a household with a washing machine constantly on the go, this seems very good value to me.

The product comes in a compact and very sturdy bottle which stands firmly upright. The design is white with the familiar Fairy blue and green colours and the logo of the baby. In a way, I thought that it didn’t really stand out on the supermarket shelf. I would like to see something different or a change in design so that it would catch your eye and appeal to a wider audience – even just a pop of bright colour! One other thing which I would have liked would have been a handle. It’s quite a heavy bottle and when I was carrying all the shopping in to the house, I found it heavy and hard to grip. I feel that a small handle would have really helped me out. Having said that, I found that the dosing cap made it very easy to use this product. I just popped the right amount in the attached cap, and added it directly to the centre of the laundry load. I found it handy that the cap was easy to remove and fitted tightly back on. The step by step picture instructions on the back of the product were helpful too but they were too small for me to read clearly. I liked that the warnings about eye irritations/swallowing were clearly highlighted because we had a very bad experience with an eye irritation in our house before and one of our family even ended up having to visit the doctor because of it. You can never be too careful.

One of the primary attractions of the product for me was when I read that it has been dermatologically tested and has been awarded the Skin Health Alliance seal especially since a few of those in our family have very sensitive skin, prone to rashes and irritation. Having used this product I am definitely more likely to do my washing at 30 degrees.

I will definitely use Fairy Non-Bio Gel again as it ticked all the right boxes for me! I was more than satisfied with the both the appearance, the freshness and the feel of the laundry after the wash. I think this product is ideal for laundry for the entire family - not only for adults and kids but also babies and newborns. Babies’ skin is far more delicate than an adults’ and it needs special care so it’s important to buy a brand you can trust. It is the reliability of a well known, respected and universal brand that appeals to me with “Fairy”. The products have always given me the very high standard that I expect and perhaps that comes from their experience in the area of cleanliness for many years. I know what I want when I purchase their products and I am never disappointed. As always, with all laundry products, price is a factor I consider extremely important. While I would pay a slight premium for the extra benefits and the reliability of an established, reputable brand, I would only purchase these if they were affordable for me. I always like to see special offers or a reduction for buying in bulk. With the expense of running a household, every factor needs to be considered.

At the end of a hectic day, I don’t like to have to think about the washing or the products I use. I like to be able to fire everything in and feel comfortable in the knowledge that the cleaning agent I have used is reliable, trustworthy and will do the job without fail. I am confident that Fairy does this for me and I won’t have to be concerned about the final result. Many of my friends and my sisters have young babies and I will definitely recommend they experiment with Fairy Non-Bio gel and even consider switching over permanently.
Feedback for Fairy Non-Bio Gel 38 Washes
09/05/2018 15:41
So I have been using the fairy non bio gel 38 washes recently and I have to say it has been mostly a positive experience. I have never used this product before although I have heard of it I never actually used it until this trial. I would use other fairy products around the house especially the washing up liquid which I absolutely love. I really like the smell of the gel it smells nice and fresh unlike other washing products. I found that it left the clothes mostly soft but I found that the nice smell didn't really last too long on the clothes and items washed which I taught might need to be improved as the smell is nice so I would like to see it last longer.I found it great to get so many washes out of such a small compact product so it is great for anyone doing a lot of washes during the day. I found that the clothes actually came out much better after just one wash cleaner that other products I have used even on a cold wash which is fantastic. Since my family have very sensitive skin I found this product to be amazing for that we had no reactions to it and everyone said it felt alot softer on certain things like heavy jumpers and blankets. The only really issue I found is that the cap isn't really child safe as they think I found my 2 year old able to take it off very easy so had to keep it up and away high I think they could desgin it better for that. The style is good as it stands up so it won't spill to easy but it looks the same as many other cleaning products for washing in regards to the colour and style of the logo I think that they could make it stand better. Thestep by step instructions is great although very small to read at times. I would definitely think about using the product again depending on the price as I felt I did get value for the many washes I got from it. If I was recommeding this product I would tell people just to be careful if the cap that the only really issue that I encountered other than that I highly recommended this product to anyone looking to get value for their money and also it easyness to use. I would highly consider switching brands.
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Feedback for Fairy Non-Bio Gel 38 Washes
09/05/2018 16:17
Thank you so much for choosing me to trial the Fairy Non Bio Gel 38 washes, I really enjoyed trialling it. I had heard of Fairy Non Bio Gel prior to this trial, but I hadn’t tryed it.

I have a busy household with 3 active kids who are sport mad, so the washing machine is always on. I really liked using Fairy Non Bio Gel, I found it very effective. The clothes came out spotlessly clean on each wash, even on a 30 degree wash. I found the gel really removed those stubborn stains, especially the muck and grass stains my boys like to come in! The gel has a lovely, light and fresh fragrance – nothing too strong but one that leaves the clothes smelling fresh.

I really liked the fact that the bottle lasts longer, which meant I was saving money on the weekly shop and was one less thing to remember each week. The bottle is lovely and compact and fits perfectly into the cupboard.

I do think it’s important that products I use are dermatologically tested, I would be the only one who would be the odd time affected by sensitive skin but I found no issues with the Fairy Non Bio Gel.
Having trialled the Fairy Non Bio Gel, I would definitely buy again. I liked how good it was at removing tought stains, in both normal and 30 degree washes. I loved the large bottle as I have so many washes to put on in a day. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to friends and have already mentioned it to my sister!

Thanks again for letting me take part :-)
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Feedback for Fairy Non-Bio Gel 38 Washes
09/05/2018 18:18
This is my first time using Fairy Non Bio Gel and I am very happy with the product. I have a busy household so the washing machine is always on. My partner works in construction so his work clothes would be heavily stained by the end of the week. Fairy Non Bio Gel cleaned these brilliantly and there was no need to rewash them. I found all our clothes soft and smelling fresh after each wash. With my little boy suffering from sensitive skin using the right product is important to me and I was pleasantly surprised. I also liked that you got 38 washes per bottle and felt like I was getting value for money. The instructions on the bottle were clear and easy to follow. Most importantly, the cap fitted on tightly after use and was able to store it safely away from little hands. Overall, I was very happy using the product and would recommend to family and friends.
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Feedback for Fairy Non-Bio Gel 38 Washes
10/05/2018 08:51
I was delighted to be selected to try this product as my one year old son has very sensitive skin, so it is really important to get a detergent that doesn't irritate his skin. He also had eczema when he was a very small baby so I have to be very careful when choosing laundry products. Although I had never used this product before I was aware of the brand and have used many Fairy products in the past.

I was extremely impressed with this product, it left the clothes clean and soft without any irritating residue. It smells really nice, but not overpowering. I washed clothes at both 30 and 40 degrees and the cleaning power was just as good at a lower temperature. The bottle really lasts too, I still haven't reached the end of the bottle I received so I can definitely vouch for how long it lasts!

I will certainly repurchase this product, and I didn't find any drawbacks or negatives while trying this product. I would have absolutely no hesitation recommending this product to anybody, but particularly for people with sensitive skin. What I look for in a detergent is that it cleans clothes well, doesn't irritate skin and that the bottle lasts and this product has ticked all the boxes!
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Feedback for Fairy Non-Bio Gel 38 Washes
10/05/2018 15:29
I was delighted to be invited to review Fairy Non-Bio Gel. I hadn't used this product since my children who are now nine and six years old were babies. My first experience with Fairy Non-Bio Gel was washing their new clothes before they were even born so that they were fresh and free from any chemical residue for their sensitive skin. However as time went on and they grew older, I started to seek out detergents that marketed themselves as being tough on stains. It's funny, I never had a bad experience with Fairy Non-Bio Gel, quite the opposite, but I got sucked into the powerful influence of advertising and thought other detergents were better suited to my growing family. This review has given me the opportunity to revisit Fairy Non-Bio Gel and put it to the test with my family's never-ending laundry.

The results have been wonderful. I love the smell, it takes me back to those early days of motherhood where I fondly remember the cuddles from the babies for whom I had wished for. The new dosing bottle design and clever cap makes it so easy to measure the correct amount of liquid for my clothes wash. I often overfilled competitor detergent cups as the measurement line was difficult to see and then I wouldn't get as many washes out of the bottle of detergent of course.

I often have to wash some of my daughter's pretty dresses and sequined tops on a cold wash due to the delicate nature of their design and fabric. Using Fairy Non-Bio Gel, I was able to get the cleaning power I needed at a low temperature. I was pleasantly surprised I have to say and will definitely recommend Fairy Non-Bio Gel to other mums.

My daughter also has sensitive skin compared to my son, and is frequently irritated by labels and waistbands or cuffs that are too tight. Her scratching can leave her skin very red. Since using Fairy Non-Bio Gel, she has commented to me that her clothes are softer and she is less fussy when getting dressed. As a mum, we'll do anything to make our lives easier, and now with Fairy Non-Bio Gel helping to shave off at least ten minutes of complaints getting dressed in the morning it's a winner for my family.
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Feedback for Fairy Non-Bio Gel 38 Washes
10/05/2018 15:39
With a toddler and one month old twins in the house, our washing machine has never seen so much action! Trialing the non-bio gel has converted me. Its easy to use, and the bottle lasts for so many washes. I wouldnt hesitate in recommending it to friends and family. I hadnt heard of it before and Im now a fully fledged convert. The packaging is compact and the cap just clicks off easily. I look forward to using it again and the fact it can be used in a 30 wash is a bonus
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Feedback for Fairy Non-Bio Gel 38 Washes
10/05/2018 16:32
I was delighted to be asked to take part in the review, fairy has been a brand in my house since I had my first baby in 2014.

I have used the fairy washing powder and fabric conditioner one and off since then, always when on offer!

I enjoy using the product it is a nice bottle and I love that it goes into the drum with the washing, I prefer this option I think it makes clothes fresher but that’s my own preference. I live in a very hard water area so I did not get the full 38 washes as stated on the bottle but again that’s my own usage I would put double the recommended amount into the drum (100mls)

I really put it to the test (2 year old little man who loves to play in the dirt) I had one cream tracksuit bottom that were absolutely destroyed and unfortunately it didn’t remove the stains even in a 40 degree wash but in fairness they were absolutely destroyed and they came out smelling fresh but I did bin them in the end.

The dermatological testing is very important for me with 3 smallies in the house, they can be very sensitive to new products but I’m happy to report there were no reactions.

I did try a few washes @ 30 degrees and I am more likely now to do the 30 degree wash the clothes came out fresh and clean, always a help with the electricity bill.

I would definitely purchase fairly non bio gel again, when on offer I might even stock up. I would highly recommend it to families.
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Feedback for Fairy Non-Bio Gel 38 Washes
14/05/2018 15:01
Thank you so much for the chance to try out Fairy Non Bio Gel, I have such a busy household with 3 kids ranging from 6 months to 7 years.

I have heard of Fairy Non-Bio Gel before but I hadn’t tried it out. I do tend to choose Fairy where possible as I do think it is a step above the rest.

I really enjoyed trying out the Fairy Non Bio Gel; with a baby at home I always look out for something that will leave clothes feeling soft, perfectly cleaned and doesn’t have too much of a strong odour and this gel ticks all of the boxes. With my boys, who are 4 and 7 – they are very very active boys who would rather be outside rolling on the grass than being inside. There clothes are always a good test for any detergent and the gel worked a treat on them – the clothes came out spotlessly clean and fresh.

I found the 30°C wash brilliant for the baby’s clothes, and decided to use this going forward for her bits – I love that Fairy Non Bio Gel leaves the clothes just as clean and fresh as a hotter wash.

It really felt like the 38 wash bottle lasted allot longer, and it was one less thing to have to remember in the weekly shop which was great. The compact bottle was great and fitted perfectly into my cupboard, and the dosing cup made it very easy to pop into a wash.

With 3 little ones, it is extremely important to me that Fairy Non Bio Gel is dermatologically test and awarded the Skin Health Alliance seal – it really gives me confidence in a product that they are safe to use on my brood.

I have already bought this product since the trial, as it just ticks all the boxes for me and my family. I would also have no hesitation in recommending to a family member or friend.
Thank you again for the chance to try this out - two thumbs up
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Feedback for Fairy Non-Bio Gel 38 Washes
14/05/2018 15:35
I have throughly enjoyed trialling the Fairy Non Bio Gel on my families washing. It sometimes feels like the washing is constantly on and that I am constantly buying detergents, so needless to say laundry is one of my least favourite tasks.

I have seen Fairy Non Bio Gel on the shelves in the supermarkets but hadn’t tried it out until now, but I have used Fairy Non Bio powder previously which I really liked.

I tend to prefer using luquids or gels when doing my washing, so this was a plus from the start. Even though the bottle is a little larger, it is very easy to manage and use. The dosing cap is great, it has a clear line to fill up to and doesn’t change shape in the wash so pops back on very easy.

I have two little ones, 13 months and 28 months, needless to say that there are allot of food and dirt layering on their clothes. I sometimes find that these stains can be a little harder to get out of clothes but with the gel, they came out spotless, super soft and smelling just devine – I was amazed.
For items that are less stained, I have tried them in the 30°C wash and it was perfect, I am deligthed that I can make use of this wash as I wouldn’t often use it.

The other half plays football so can often come home with gear that looks like it has been washed in muck! Again, I have to say that the Fairy Non Bio gel worked perfectly on this and took away all stains, which even impressed him....he even commented on the smell also! ;-)

I can safely say that I will be buying Fairy Non Bio gel again, I was very impressed. I really felt that the 38 wash bottle lasted forever and that I was getting great value for money. I have already recommended to my fellow mum friends.