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Feedback for Soltan Family
15/05/2015 16:55
This is where you can leave your feedback for the Soltan Family Mum Say Trial - we can't wait to hear how you got on.
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Feedback for Soltan Family
28/05/2015 13:30
Thanks very much - we received our family pack of sun creams and just in time as the sun comes out this week!
I am familiar with the Soltan range, but haven't used it before. I'm a bit of a creature of habit so don't change things too often.
I always use sun cream on the kids, they have super sensitive skin, so if the sun is even slightly out and they are out it goes on. I decided since I had the creams, I'd give it a go this week so I used the SPF50 on the little ones straight away. I have to say it smells gorgeous and it soaks straight in. It only took a few seconds to do face and ears (biggest problem with my kids) and of course arms & legs (although I feel it's not quite hot enough for tshirts and shorts, the kids disagree, and I definitely know it's hot enough for them to burn, so I have to be careful.
It's good to know the Soltan range have UVA protection - this is very important to me and my family, I'm very aware of it.
My skin isn't too pale, but if I'm not wearing makeup with an SPF on it, I routinely put cream on before I go out - especiall if I'm running. This week I tried the SPF30 - again I found it to have a lovely smell, wasn't too greasy and soaked in well, leaving my skin feeling soft and smoothe.
I would be very happy to use the Soltan range, and will definitely use the pack we have been sent. I would be very happy to buy it again, and I would recommend to other mums.
Thanks for letting us try this out .
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Feedback for Soltan Family
28/05/2015 13:39
Delighted to be taking part in this trial ... we received our Soltan Family Pack on Monday which was perfect timing as we left for Spain on Wednesday so I chucked the full pack in the bag! (Yes I'm currently updating from Spain!! Now that's committment).
Firstly - it's really handy to have a full set (family pack) of creams - I have two little ones and with me and my hubby having different sun cream requirements, I need something for everyone so this really works.
For the kids I've been using the SPF 50 which is brilliant. I've normally use about 30 but upgrade to 50 if I'm out in the middle of the day. My DH uses 15, all he has to do is look at the sun and he gets a tan. Not jealous of course :)
I found the Soltan range really nice to use - smells gorgeous and makes the skin feel really soft and well moisturised. It's a great relief to know we have UVA protection with the Soltan range too.
Am hoping I don't have to use the Aftersun lotion, but it's good to know it's there if I need it myself.
Great product, will definitely buy again, we holiday regularly, and I also like to use it on the kids throughout the year (even when the sun isn't out the damage can be done).
I would recommend to other mums out here and have told friends and family.
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Feedback for Soltan Family
28/05/2015 20:59
Thanks for having us as part of this our pack tues evening and been raining since so haven't had a chance but it looks great and have used other boots products which have lived up to expectations.Also my daughter has developed eczema so curious to see how her skin responds to suncream.....will post soon and let ye know
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Feedback for Soltan Family
29/05/2015 10:48
Thanks very much for letting me be part of this trial. We all have very fair skin here so suncream with uva protection is a must. I was aware of the Soltan range but never used it before now as I tend to stick with the same one, out of habit I suppose.
The smell of this product is lovely, even my daughter mentioned it soaks in no bother and leaves the skin nice and soft. It's such a handy pack with the different factors in it. I have already recommend this pack to a friend of mine who was also impressed with the lovely smell of it.
I will definitely buy this suncream again. I can't think of any changes that should be made for this pack, it's really spot on as it it.
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Feedback for Soltan Family
29/05/2015 15:27
As a child, I remember growing up with Soltan products and I am very familiar with the brand which has a long standing tradition in our house - they always had a firm place on our bathroom shelf. On every summer holiday with my family, my mum insisted in lathering us in sun protection lotions as we all burned easily with our typically pasty Irish skin. So I am very familiar with their range, have used many of them over the years and I was delighted to be selected for this trial. There is no doubt that the Soltan brand really has stood the test of time. They have always given me the very high standard that I expect and perhaps that comes from their experience in the area of sun skincare protection for over 75 years –without a doubt, an impressive length of time. I was also delighted to read that all Soltan products have been awarded a maximum 5 star rating against deep down skin damage caused by harmful UVA rays and have been dermatologically tested.

Overexposure to the sun is such a serious health threat and I firmly believe that it is very important to protect my skin and children’s skin at all times. I always try to seek out shady areas when out on the beach or in the park - I don’t think anybody can have too much protection, even if sunshine in Ireland can be somewhat of a rarity! I would always use sun protection products during the summer months (not all year round) and especially for the kids who run around outdoors all the time. I get them out as soon as summer comes as I am terrified
of the sun and harmful rays. Skin cancer is one of the most widespread and deadly cancers. While some cancers cannot be prevented, it is so important to do something about the ones that can. The idea of having a convenient and very handy zipped pouch containing four separate products: Soltan Protect & Moisturise for adults (x2), for kids and a Soltan Moisturising Aftersun lotion was undoubtedly a clever idea and very appealing to me.

After a week of testing them, I was very impressed with each of the products. I applied the lotion 15 minutes before going out into the sunshine (to allow time for it to completely absorbed) and always after swimming or towelling. I found them to be very nice and gentle on the skin, easy to apply and had a pleasant smell. I was pleased to notice that the Protect & Moisturise Suncare Lotion had a long lasting effect and I only needed to reapply after 2 hours of exposure. On top of that, they rubbed in easily and certainly left the skin silky smooth, soft and feeling fresh. The lotions were non light, mild, gentle and easily absorbed and I liked that they weren’t greasy, streaky or sticky like many other similar brands. The bottles were generous and easily contained 6 to 8 applications for me and even more for the kids. After a few days of using them, I noticed reduced skin dryness and they helped prevent peeling too. The Aftersun Lotion gave up to 12 hours moisturisation and was also light and easily absorbed into the skin.

What appealed to me most was the UVA protection in the products which is extremely important to me, especially as we have a sad history of cancer in our family background. If I could change one thing about these products, it would be that they stained my clothes and towels. Admittedly, you are instructed to keep them away from fabrics but that is easier said than done in a busy household like mine. When I put the clothes in the washing machine, the stains came out. It was just a bit of a nuisance that they were stained for the day, especially
fresh white towels and t-shirts. Apart from that, I would have no complaints whatsoever.

Yes, I will buy the Soltan Family range as a result of this trial. While I was aware of the Soltan range and brand, I had not seen the family pack before and it is definitely something that will feature in my “Summer shopping trolley”! It would catch my eye on the shelf, the colours are bright and attractive and each bottle is clearly labelled with the important information cleverly visible at the front of the pack and detailed application instructions on each bottle. As always, with all summer holiday buys, price is a factor I consider extremely important. However, for these products, I would pay a premium for the extra benefits of protection and the reliability of an established, reputable brand. I would love to see a special offer if you bought more than 1 family pack or perhaps coupons to be made available. With the expense of summer holidays, every factor needs to be considered. Many of my friends and my sisters have young children and I will definitely recommend they try out these products over the coming months.
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Feedback for Soltan Family
01/06/2015 17:21
We are so thrilled to be taking part in this trial, so thank you for selecting us! Two of my four children suffer with very sensitive skin, so I’m very picky about what sun creams I buy and I have to say I’m delighted with the Soltan range.
The sun cream went on so well and my children suffered no irritation at all and it didn’t dry out their skin. I used the sun creams on myself also and it was not only a great protection against the sun, but it was a great moisturiser too, my skin was so smooth after using it. I even found the lower factors great when I was just going out for a quick run or a walk down on the pier. I find that some sun creams go into little bits not long after applying it, but the Soltan sun creams rubbed in so well on the skin and it didn’t end up greasy either. My son plays a lot of sports and I found the lower SPFs were also great for days that it wouldn’t be extremely sunny, but for days that he would still be under the sunlight for a long period of time. I loved the fact that the Soltan range has a 5* UVA rating, it gives me great peace of mind when the children are out in the sun.
I don’t think there is anything that I would change about the sun creams, so far they have ticked all the boxes for me. We usually have to purchase very pricey brands because of the children’s sensitive skin, so it’s great to know that the Soltan range is out there at an affordable price and we will definitely be purchasing these sun creams again. Overall I would recommend the Soltan sun creams to all mums, especially if your children suffer with sensitive skin and you struggle to find a sun cream that suits their skin type. Thank you again for picking us as part of the trial!
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Feedback for Soltan Family
03/06/2015 23:00 finally a bit of good weather,my lot are very unwiling to wear sunscreen if theres no chance of going outside!!! I had nevef used this brand before so was excited to try so whats the verdict.
Well first off the pack s a great idea because if you buy it you are sorted for all eventualities.

Bottles are easy to use and kids were able to apply them selves...always a good thing.
Smells really good...a bit of aloe vera and not over powering at all.Very light formula and soaked right in,very east to apply to face and survived hurling training under a helmet without causing eye irritation which has happened before.We also pulled clothes down over parts of the cream and once we had given a few minutes of drying there didn't appear to be any staining.
Weather not good enough yet to test out effectiveness but for me UVA and UVB are essential but we have an overnight camping trip this weekend so that should be a good test.
Overall so far I would def buy this product ....
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Feedback for Soltan Family
06/06/2015 17:30
I’m familiar with the Soltan range. I used this cream with SPF50 last summer and I was very satisfied. Me and my kids use sun cream only in early spring and in sunny days of summer. My family uses only creams with SPF50. Sometimes I try SPF30 myself. My kids have very light and sensitive skin that’s why the sun cream with highest SPF is the best for them. I am really exited about Soltan Family Range, because it is high quality products with affordable price for the family. Soltan creams have convenient packaging, are easy to apply and are quickly absorbed. It effectively protects skin from sunburn and you don’t have to reapply it often. I think that in Family Pack there could be only SPF50, SPF30 ir After Sun. SPF15 I could use in autumn and winter, but then I usually use other products with SPF in it. What I also like about Soltan Family range is its water resistance, soft and nice smell and lasting moistening. SPF50 is a little bit sticky, but not too creamy. I think that I will keep using Soltan sun creams in the future. I just hope there will be more sun smile emoticon
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Feedback for Soltan Family
07/06/2015 22:28
Started using the soltan this week. Have to admit would be very brand conscious in the past regarding skin care products. Would always make the assumption that the more premium brands would offer better protection so have never used a Boots own brand before.
Cream is lovely and smooth to put on, nice big bottles too, have 2 kids so go through lots of suncream in the summer. We live near bray and would usually bring the dog for a walk on the prom, put suncream on my son but none myself as I had already put on some tinted moisturiser. So went for a bracing walk in bray, sun was intermittent, so got home and caught sight of my self in the mirror my face looked red raw and rough to the touch, my sons face meanwhile was perfect, still silky soft and peachy.
Will continue to use on the rest of the family and will post update.
Feedback for Soltan Family
07/06/2015 23:07
First off, I'd like to thank mummypages and boots for giving my family this opportunity, to say I was excited is an understatement! My family is your stereotypical Irish family... No matter what we put on our skin... We don't tan we just go strawberry red and gain an army of freckles! I had seen soltan in boots and was in debate with myself whether or not to buy it as i have been burned by some brands before... If you'll oardon the pun! I was really disappointed for the first few days k had the trial as there was just rain rain and more rain and I couldn't wait to try the cream out! Finally when that sun burst through the clouds, i lathered the cream on the kids and myself and we headed out for a walk. I have used the cream every day since then (spf15) and I plan to use the stronger ones as the summer progresses. I love the fact that they dont have a really strong smell and don't feel greasy on my skin at all! Thankfully, I didn't have to use the aftersun, I think that speaks for the cream in itself! I did try it out though, and it feels really nice on and again, not a strong smell which is great. I think it's a great idea having the family pack in the plastic zipper bag it came in, you don't have to worry about sand or the sea getting all over the cream at the beach! Overall I was really impressed with the Soltan range and I would definitely recommend it to friends! I definitely would consider buying this cream next time I'm out and I'm really impressed! Thank youSmiling
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Feedback for Soltan Family
08/06/2015 11:07
I wasn’t familiar with the Soltan range, so I was so pleased to be selected for the Mum Say Trial! It was great to get a bit of good weather, so we could put the sun creams to the test.
Being a family of fair hair and pasty skin we know well the importance of a good sun creams and I found the factor 50+ fantastic. One of my children had her school tour to an outdoor adventure centre the other day. Before she left, I lathered her in the factor 50+, put it in her schoolbag and told her to put it on again after lunch. I asked her did she put it on again and she said she was having too much fun and that she had forgotten to do it. I was expecting her to have some sunburn as it had been a scorcher of a day, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that she looked exactly as she did setting off that morning! The Soltan range really do live up to their SPF! They definitely have long lasting moisturisation, the kids’ skin was so soft after wearing the sun creams. I will definitely be buying the Soltan range for the rest of the summer (assuming the sun comes out again!). The sun creams also smell lovely and rub on so easily, usually this kids complain about wearing sun cream, especially to school because it’s “smelly” and “sticky” but so far so complaints, so fingers crossed it will stay that way.
I have already mentioned to my friends about these sun creams and I would 100% recommend the Soltan range to other mums out there, particularly for families with light skin and fair hair!
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Feedback for Soltan Family
09/06/2015 09:13
Finally what looks like the beginning of summer...... Thank you for asking my family to trial the Soltan Family Pack.
I have used Soltan in the past, but not in the last couple of years so I was pleasantly suprised by the packaging. The pack is perfectly sized to fit in the door pocket of my car which is great and the bottles are easy to squeeze and leave virtually no mess around the cap.
The variety of SPF in the pack is perfect for a family like mine. My skin takes the sun well and the SPF15 is high enough for me in the Irish Summer. I love the smell.... I attrack insect bites like you would not believe and so highly perfumed sun lotions are not great for me. Soltan has a very pleasant smell and leaves no greasy feeling on the skin. It absorbs sraight in and has a moistursing effect. It doesn't leave my skin shiny, so is perfect for the face too.
I have three kids, all with typically Irish pale skin which turns red at the first sight of sun. On the older ones I have always used SPF30 and although they generally object to applying lotion, they were quite happy with Soltan, again because of the way it immediately absorbs and does not simply smear across the skin like some brands. My eldest daughter really liked the aftersun lotion and the cooling, moisturising effect it has without a strong smell.
Now for my little one. Having been scalded as a toddler and having skin grafts on her shoulders, she is my biggest worry when it comes to sun protection. She is well used to being smothered in creams and lotions as soon as the sum appears, but isn't always cooperative because of the texture of the high factor creams. They tend to apply much like Sudocream and not absorb into the skin, but I found Soltan to be much easier to apply, not sticky or gloopy and it absorbed well. I gives great coverage and you don't need to use very much to feel like you have protected your child. School trip tomorrow so the bottle will be sent in her bag.
Would I buy Soltan again - definately. I have seen the display in Boots. It is very well priced and hopefully we will have a summer that makes me need to buy more.
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Feedback for Soltan Family
09/06/2015 18:57
Delighted to have had the opportunity to do this trial. I am familiar with the Soltan range. My son has an allergy to certain suncreams but not to this. Ive 3 kids aged 3, 7 & 12. The 7yr old has the allergy but doesnt burn easily. The 3 yr old is very fair like me so needs a high factor as soon as the sun comes out. The 12yr old uses the factor 30 and finds it perfect. I dont use sun protection all yr round. I loved the fact that everything we needed was in the travel pouch. The UVA protection is very important. The moisturisation in the creams is great and all of us benefitted. Its easily absorbed and not at all oily like zome suncreams. I would like to see the (dont know the full name of it) factor 30 suncream that helps natural tanning included in the pack. I would definitely buy it. Great price and great product an added bonus is that my son isnt allergic and that one travel pack does us all. Ive even bought another pack to leave in our mobile
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Feedback for Soltan Family
10/06/2015 22:05
Thanks very mush for letting me try the family pack of suncream,and was in good time for our weather
I tryed the SPF50 on my kids and they smell is good and very easy spread,i always put on their ears as my kids ears always burn and thank god they havent since i used this and the skin is fine no rash as we all have terrible senstive skin
I used the factor 30 on myself as i am always outside in garden pottering away or off doing sports and i have to say i found it great,smell is nice and not greasy going on,also i am very happy to know that UVA protection with the soltan range
I will def be buying Soltan range again as the colours stand out well,Excellent with sensitive skin,lovely smell and so easy to use,I would def recomend to other mums to try Sotlan range if anyone has sensitive skin
tanx for letting me try this product and must say if was out off 10 be 10/10
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Feedback for Soltan Family
11/06/2015 19:25
Thank you for selecting my family to take part in this trial!
We brought this sun cream to the beach recently and found it great. I always lather the kids in sun cream, especially if we are out somewhere like the beach. The sun cream rubbed in so well and dried very quickly, so we didn’t have the problem of sand sticking to the sun cream! I usually don’t like the smell of sun creams, but I actually think the Soltan range smell lovely and summery. I was delighted that this sun cream has a full UVA protection, I would never buy a sun cream that didn’t have it. You can never be too careful when it comes to protecting your kids.
We didn’t go into the sea while we were at the beach, so not sure how it lasts after being in the water. But overall we were very satisfied with the Soltan range, we will definitely be buying these sun creams again.



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