A decade ago, the Internet was gifted with the famous "Charlie bit my finger" video, and ten years on - it is as funny as ever. 


The adorable little tots that were the stars of the viral YouTube video, which has been viewed nearly 850 million times, are all grown up.


We feel seriously old right now. 


And to celebrate the ten year anniversary, the family made a new video discussing the whole experience of becoming one of the Internet's first viral sensations.


The even reenacted the famous video, which, as it turns out, was more creepy than cute with two older boys in the video. 


Harry and his little brother Charlie said that kids at school used to talk about the video, "quite a lot, but now they just find it normal".



"When 'Charlie bit my finger' hits a billion views I'll throw a massive party and invite all my friends," said Charlie.


Their father, Howard Davies-Carr, says to know that they've been part of something "that had an impact" on people's lives was "wonderful".


"It feels great really, I mean we know how we've influenced people's lives, how it has actually changed people's lives - the people who have watched it, the people that have communicated with us and spoken to us - it's great," he said.


"The video has taken us all around the world actually."



And not only have they met many "interesting people" along the way, the family have also made quite a bit of money as a result of the video being so popular.


While no exact amount was mentioned, Howard said that "one million pounds was a figure worth holding onto".


The family used the video to secure sponsorship deals and the boys have appeared in advertisements as well.


Good for them!