What you eat not only has an effect on how you feel but it can also impact on your energy levels. Have you ever felt unmotivated or disinterested in something if you haven’t eaten a proper meal or if you’ve been snacking on junk food all day?  


Food plays an important role in your body’s energy stores so it is important you eat properly to keep your energy levels up:


Here are five foods to eat to help you fight fatigue and improve your mental health.




An egg in the morning or afternoon, is a great way to give your body an energy-boost! With plenty of iron, zinc, and protein, eggs can help you sustain your energy and maintain a healthy blood sugar level.




Beans are full of fibre, which help to give the body long-lasting energy as they take awhile to digest. Along with helping to stabilise blood sugar levels, beans contain magnesium which can help the body relax, giving it a chance to recharge.




Not drinking enough water can leave you feeling a little foggy, but did you know eating melon is a great way to restore H2O in your water? Although with a 90% water content, it’s not surprising.




Another food packed with fibre, they are ideal at keeping your sugar levels stable and energy up. Along with protein, which is needed to replenish your body after a workout, they also contain magnesium.


Sweet potatoes


Not only are these really tasty and make great chips, sweet potatoes contain high fibre carbohydrates and potassium which helps us stay hydrated. They also contain potassium which helps to lower blood pressure and reduce stress.