There is no denying that as soon as you become a mum you tend to catch EVERYTHING that is doing the rounds!


Whether it's due to the fact that your immune system is low 'cause you haven't had a good night's sleep in five years or your little one coughed in your face, us mums simply don't have the time to be sick! 


Thankfully, there are plenty of things you can do to stop yourself catching whatever it is your little one has (most of the time anyway!):


1. Wash your hands thoroughly

Make sure you rub your hands together for15 to 20 seconds, making sure you work up a good lather with the soap. Rinse and dry properly. Check your little one is doing the same!


2. Don’t share utensils

If your little one has a very bad cold don’t drink out of the same cup as them or use their utensils; don’t leave them lying around the kitchen counter and always wash them in the dishwasher to kill any germs.


3. Wipe down EVERYTHING with an anti-bacterial cleaner

Including toys, counters, door handles, remote controls and anything else your little one may have coughed, spluttered or sneezed on.



4. Back up

Back up when your son or daughter is about to cough or sneeze and keep your distance without actually making them feel isolated; avoid kissing them on the face – stick to their head – and don’t let them sleep in your bed.


5. Wash soiled clothes immediately

This will stop germs spreading and kill them before they get a chance to contaminate anyone. If you can, use gloves when touching laundry with bodily fluids on it and change their pillowcase regularly, especially if they have a runny nose.


6. Up your fruit and vegetables intake and get plenty of rest

The best way to ensure your body is in fighting form is to up your fruit and vegetable intake and get plenty of rest.