Five years after his wife, Michaela Harte was brutally murdered on their honeymoon, John McAreavey has found “the beauty of life again” as he remarried this weekend.


The 34-year-old shared pictures of himself with new bride Tara Brennan as family and friend congratulated the couple.



In 2011, John and Michaela were celebrating their honeymoon in Mauritius when the 27-year-old teacher was murdered in their hotel room.


The Harte family shared their joy at the news of John’s engagement last October saying:


“Everyone is very pleased for them, they are a lovely couple, it’s hard to describe. It’s a beautiful thing and John has to rebuild his life,” said a close family friend.



John was thrown into a life in front of the media after the horrific killed five years ago but first spoke about finding love again in an interview last year with Newstalk.


The 34-year-old spoke of how “Michaela will always be a part of my life” but that he was “thankful” to meet Tara.


“We get on really well and we’re really good friend.


“That relationship continues to blossom and I am so thankful she came into my life, she’s a wonderful person and I love spending time with her.”



John has spoken about his struggles in the years after Michaela’s death but says he has now found peace.


“What helps me be optimistic is that I know where Michael is now, and I know she is very happy where she is. She’s just in a different place now.”



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