Frank and Honest add decaf coffee capsules to its at home coffee range

Frank and Honest have announced the launch of new Decaf Coffee Capsules to its already extensive At Home Coffee range.

Perfect for all day drinking, this flavoursome drink never fails to hit the right spot. Available in medium roasted 100% arabica blend - the new Decaf Coffee Capsules have tasting notes of yellow plums, hints of citrus and grapefruit, with woody notes. Frank and Honest’s new Decaf Coffee Capsules are now the perfect addition to your daily coffee rituals.

Treat yourself with decaf coffee indulgence, without compromising on the richness of flavour. The new Decaf Coffee Capsules still pack in plenty of flavour and satisfaction, and it is the ideal way to ensure a satisfying quick cup of coffee when you need it the most.

The new decaf Coffee Capsules are Nespresso compatible and are made of aluminium, they are available in select SuperValu and Centra stores nationwide at an RRP of €3.50.