Friends fans react to Courteney Cox’s sweet birthday tribute to Jennifer Aniston

Friends fans have been reacting to a heartwarming birthday tribute for Jennifer Aniston!

Yesterday (February 11) marked Jennifer’s 55th birthday. In honour of the special occasion, her best friend and former co-star Courteney Cox chose to share the sweetest message to her.

On her Instagram account, Courteney - best known for her role as Monica Geller in the hit sitcom - posted a snap of herself with Jennifer at an event during the height of Friends in the early 2000s.

Courteney also unveiled a never-before-seen photo of the pair celebrating together in recent years. Lastly, the actress included a clip from Friends, in which Jennifer cries as her character Rachel Green: “Hey Chandler, Monica just broke my seashell lamp.”

Courteney then went on to explain why she decided to include the specific clip as part of her birthday tribute to her best friend.

“Not sure why this is one of my favorite clips… I guess it’s because nobody else in the world could make this line sound so cute,” the 59-year-old gushed in her caption.

“Happy Birthday my sweet Jenny Louise. Also don’t know why I call her that…but I sure do love you,” Courteney added.

In the comments section of the tribute, Jennifer jokingly responded: “You BROKE IT! I love you.”

Many Friends fans have also been taking to the comments section of Courteney’s post to express their delight at the interaction.

“There isn’t a more iconic best friends duo,” one follower wrote.

“Love this friendship so much,” another added.

“Happy Birthday, Jen! Keep doing you... better than anyone ever could!” a third fan penned.

Courteney’s birthday message to Jennifer comes as she recently reunited with another one of her Friends co-stars.

Alongside other images, Courteney revealed an adorable photo of herself with Lisa Kudrow, who played Phoebe Buffay.

“Photo dump with all the rain that’s dumping on LA,” she teased last week.