With cooking, serving and playing hostesses, Mum just doesn’t have the time to entertain kids during family parties, which is why including the garden in your planning is such a great idea. Here are some simple games to keep your little ones entertained in the fresh air so the grown-ups get a chance to catch up.



One piece of chalk can give your kids an afternoon of fun. Let them draw a hopscotch course on the pavement, encouraging them to make it as elaborate as they can.


Red Light, Green Light

One person is in charge and everyone else lines up across from them (make sure there’s a decent amount of distance). The rules of the road apply, so the person in charge calls out ‘Red Light,’ ‘Orange Light’ or ‘Green Light’ to dictate when players can move and how fast they can go. First person to reach the player in charge wins.



Solo, with some friends or double-dutch with two ropes, this is fantastic exercise and helps improve your little one’s hand-eye coordination.



Hide and Seek with a twist. One person hides and everyone searches for them. Once you find them, you must hide with the player without being spotted by anyone else. Players continue to hide in the same spot until everyone has found the hiding place


Stuck in the Mud

This is similar to chasing except once you’re tagged, you have to freeze. Depending on the number of people playing, one or two people are ‘on’. If you’ve been tagged, you can be unfrozen if another player can crawl between your legs. The game ends once everyone has been frozen, at which point the last two people tagged are ‘on’.