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Wrapsies.ie is an Irish based online business owned by Denise Dawson offering a unique and quirky range of high quality Irish made towelling wraps. Wrapsies offer an ideal solution to the age old problem, preserving one’s modesty while changing in a public place. This makes them ideal for bathing and changing at home, at the pool, the beach, while on camping holidays. Wrapsies are available in a vibrant range of colours and are great for both young and old, with a design that enables complete freedom of movement to run, jump, play, relax and change in cosy comfort. We also have matching head wraps available.
Wrapsies.ie also offer a beautiful Organic Bamboo Wrapsie for adults. These Wrapsies are perfect if you have sensitive skin as they are naturally hypo-allergenic. They are also ideal for elderly people who needs help at Bathtime. It is a towelling wrap which is comfortable for mums-to-be but also suitable for new mums. An ideal gift which is both versatile and practical. Wrapsies are available to order online and ship direct to friends and family worldwide. The emphasis at Wrapsies.ie is to create products that not only delight but are also durable, backed up by an excellent level of customer care with attention to detail and quality guaranteed!.