Ballymaloe Foods combines two favourites to bring a new taste to the table for Summer dining!

At Bord Bia Bloom today, Ballymaloe Foods has revealed a delicious new product ‘MayoLish’ which arrives just in time for summer dining. The family-run food company has taken two firm favourites - the legendary Ballymaloe Relish and creamy Ballymaloe Mayonnaise - to create a perfect blend that is simply delish! And in the spirit of bringing two great things together, Ballymaloe Foods has also announced a key charity partnership with Food Cloud to help Irish consumers consider the small habits they can change to help tackle food waste, along with supporting the endeavours of the social enterprise.

Ballymaloe Foods products use only the finest ingredients, produced in small batches in Cork. The original Ballymaloe Relish is a safely-guarded family recipe of tomatoes, sultanas, and a carefully picked blend of spices. Ballymaloe Mayonnaise uses Irish free-range eggs, cracked black pepper and extra virgin olive oil. MayoLish expertly combines these two products to create a velvety smooth, creamy and tangy sauce that is versatile whether enjoying a ‘fakeaway’ at home, BBQ, sandwiches, crispy fish, or salads. MayoLish is now widely available at stockists nationwide and comes in a squeezy bottle that is made from 100% recycled plastic (rpet) reflecting Ballymaloe Foods’ commitment to sustainability.

Food Cloud Partnership

Ballymaloe Foods has announced its new charity partnership with Food Cloud, the social enterprise that aims to address the twin issues of food waste and food security. So far in 2024, Ballymaloe Foods has helped Food Cloud to distribute 18 tonnes of food surplus, which equates to 42,920 meals and a saving of 57.7 tonnes of CO2. As part of the partnership, Ballymaloe Foods aspires to support Food Cloud in the following ways:

  • Providing surplus food generated in production on a monthly basis
  • Educate Ballymaloe consumers on the environmental impact of food waste, provide tips to prevent food waste and recipe suggestions to mitigate surplus food too.

Ballymaloe Foods product range

MayoLish is the latest delicious product to join the Ballymaloe Foods family of condiments which includes Ballymaloe Mayonnaise, Ballymaloe Relish, Pepper Relish, Fiery Relish, Red Onion Relish along with salad dressings and pickled beetroot. MayoLish is gluten-free and vegetarian. It contains the allergens Mustard and Egg and therefore is not suitable for vegans. MayoLish is now available at stockists nationwide (RRP €3.99).

Ballymaloe Foods will be sharing recipe inspiration and serving suggestions on its social channels @ballymaloefoods that also help to reduce food waste, and in celebration of the new product launch will also be running a summer competition.