CKR Creative


CKR Creative personalise's Print Gifts for Special Occasions.
What makes CKR Creative stand out above the rest; is the humour and sentiment injected into each and every piece.                                             
I don't just say I'll personalise it, it really is evident in each piece.
I'll take a name, find it's meaning and origin, then add it's associated character traits.
I'll also add sweet snippets such as "Tadgh's little sis", "Barbara & Eoghan Little Princess" or nicknames and so on. But what really makes them unique is the colloquial language that I love to include giving everyone a laugh. 
Dublin: William, me olde flower. 8 pounds 6 ounces, he's only massive. Cork: He's a pure dote, like! Wexford: Quare, funny chap. 
Unique gifts at affordable prices for all occasions; new borns, birth announcements, baby showers, birthdays, engagements, weddings, best teacher gifts.
For more information check out CKR Creative on facebook or contact Claire on 085 86 44794