Good Girls star Christina Hendricks marries fiancé George & shares details of ceremony

Congratulations are in order for Christina Hendricks and her partner George Bianchini as they have tied the knot. 

The Good Girls actress and her cinematographer partner have been an item since 2020 and announced their engagement in March of last year. 

Now, the pair have revealed that they tied the knot in New Orleans, a location that is special to the couple. 

Sharing details about their ceremony, Christina gave an insight into their big day to People

Explaining why they chose to tie the knot in New Orleans, the 48-year-old revealed, “New Orleans is a place that I always loved to go before I met George, and a place that he always loved to go before he met me”.

“And then when we first started dating or meeting up, because we lived across the country from one another, it was the place in the middle. It just feels like our city together, even though we both loved it individually”.

Christina and George’s wedding was a three-day celebration, starting with a welcome cocktail party. The wedding day itself had a big focus on florals, with plenty of blush and plum-coloured fresh flowers filling the venue. 

The last day consisted of a celebratory brunch to close out the special weekend. 

Sharing that she and George had 76 guests in attendance at their wedding, Christina admitted, “It seemed like the right amount for us to be able to embrace and visit with everyone and not feel overwhelmed. But it's certainly not a tiny, intimate wedding. No, [we wanted] a celebration - a grand celebration”.

The Mad Men star then opened up about how important it was for her and George to officially tie the knot. 

“We're both romantic, and I think it's easy to say when you've been married before and it's been so hard and it didn't work, and you feel like, ‘Oh my gosh, this is very scary. We don't have to do this. We could just love each other and not do this’. But I think there's something to be said about really making that commitment and saying it out loud with some of your friends and family”.

“There is a romance to it, there's a celebration about it, and there is also just something that makes you feel different. There’s something that says, ‘You’re not going anywhere and I’m not going anywhere’”.

She continued, “How many times do you get to bring all your best people together at once? You're going to remember that forever, and I wanted that for us”.