There is no greater tragedy for a parent than to lose a child, and for many, even the smallest sign can bring the greatest sense of comfort through that dark time.


That is exactly what British mum Marie Robinson got this week, when she visited her son Jack’s grave – and received the most heart-warming message.


Jack passed away three years ago, at the age of four, from an inoperable brain tumour. Hampshire native Marie visits his grave often, and was joined by an unexpected guest last Saturday.


In an emotionally-charged Facebook post, Marie shared a video of a robin sitting on Jack’s grave. Overcome with emotion, she begins to cry and calls the robin over. Incredibly, he hops right over and perches on her fingertip.



“Can’t believe what’s just happened. Come to see my precious boy Jack. Just sat down on the ground next to him, and this happened,” she wrote.


“Yes, it brought me to tears. [I’m] taking it as a sign from Jack.”


Marie – who is also mum to Jack’s twin brother Liam, and two older daughters – has been inundated with messages of love and support from people all over the world.


Indeed, the poignant post has gone completely viral, and people are just as amazed by the footage as Marie was when it happened in real life.



“Don’t care what anyone says. That’s something to do with your son, and I bet you felt it,” wrote one person, clearly touched by the footage.


Another wrote: “They say that robins are the messengers from our loved ones, and angels. This is so amazingly beautiful. Made me cry with joy for you. Lots of love.”


Others, meanwhile, have shared their own similar experiences. One woman wrote: “Sorry for your loss. What a beautiful way of your boy showing you he’s with you. I lost my dad to Alzheimer’s in January, and he wanted to be with his mum more than anything. I used to see a wee robin outside his hospital window, and I believe it was his mum who had passed 47 years ago, calling him home one more time.”


This is a truly incredible and touching story, and we can only imagine what a source of comfort it is for Marie and her family at this time.