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Mum's Say Trial: New Sprite made with Stevia

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For almost 50 years The Coca-Cola company has been working tirelessly to deliver the best tasting products and to give Irish Mums a wide variety of choice. That’s why we’re delighted to announce that in Ireland, we’re introducing a new stevia based natural plant sweetener to Sprite, reducing the sugar content by 30%.  
Stevia is a plant from Paraguay, whose leaf is a natural source of sweetness. For two centuries it has been harvested and used by the mums of South America to sweeten their foods and drinks in a natural way.
At Sprite, we know that Irish Mums want only the best for their family.  We also know that from time to time the children will want a treat of a soft drink.  This is why Sprite is delighted to be giving Irish mums the option of choosing new Sprite, made with stevia.
Making an informed choice of choosing Sprite in your shopping for those treat occasions when a soft drink will be served, your kids can now enjoy a treat with 30% less sugar and a replacement sweetener from the stevia plant which is 100% natural.  And the good news about this new innovation is that Sprite has lowered its sugar content without compromising on taste maintaining the great refreshing taste your kids will love.
We are looking for 30 mums, who would like to trial new Sprite made with stevia. If you would like to take part in this Mum’s Say trial, simply join this group and leave a comment below noting the ages of your children. In the case where we are over-subscribed, we will select 30 mums at random. 
Recruitment for this group is now closed.  
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RE: Mum's Say Trial: New Sprite made with Stevia
November 05, 2012
Please include me on this. My 12 and 14 year olds are only given soft drinks once a week when we have pizza during X factor but if there was something better with less sugar that I could give them, without it being a diet drink, I'd be very happy to buy it.
I worry about the kids drinking soft drinks which is why I try to curtail them but know that it's getting harder and harder to stop them.
So please include me in this too.
RE: Mum's Say Trial: New Sprite made with Stevia
November 05, 2012
I'd like to give this a go. My teens are always looking for soft drinks and I try to regulate how many and how much they get. It's getting harder as they are finding their voice! So if I could get something with less sugar, that was a natural replacement, I'd be very happy to try it and buy it too!