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New Sprite made with Stevia feedback
20/11/2012 16:34
This is where our mummy product testers should write their feedback for new Sprite made with Stevia.
We're dying to hear what you think.
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New Sprite made with Stevia feedback
27/11/2012 10:43
hi everyone,, i am doing the trail for new sprite. recevied the sprite yesterday and as you can imagine dieing to test them out so we had a treat nite last nite,,not usual for a monday night,Wink
i have to say we were very pleased, not like a diet drink at all , the kids loved them didnt even relaise they had less sugar in there drink. we couldnt get over the real taste off lemon and lime really came out in this sprite. i usually buy 2 bottles of fizzy drink a wk one diet coke and one sprite for wkend treat. from now on i will be buying just new sprite. its great when u know its less sugar going into the kids, these days i think they are just taking in too much sugar and its hard to stop them i have three children aged 7, 10, 14. and you can imagine they have there own minds to spending there pocket money,,its full sugar fizzy drinks and plenty of sweets.
from now on its new sprite for us especially with xmas coming thats all that will be in this house ...
cheers sprite great new product even for me who does have a sweet tooth and on a diet this is just the drink for me...
get buying guys in this house hold sprite got five out of five from all five family members hereOur child
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New Sprite made with Stevia feedback
27/11/2012 18:36
Hi, we are a family of 5, myself, dh and our 3 children aged 13, 11 and 6 . We recieved our bag of Sprite bottles yesterday and the kids were dying to try it out :) Overall we all liked it and thought it tasted very similar to original Sprite, although the 11 yr old thought it was less lemony than original Sprite and therefore nicer. I thought it wasnt as sweet as original Sprite which I liked as I dont like drinks that are too sugary. Everyone said they would buy it again and I liked the idea of it having 30% less sugar and calories, its something I would be conscious of when buying fizzy drinks esp for the children. While Sprite wouldnt be the favourite drink of anyone in the house, we all did like it and would definitely consider buying it again, and would choose the one with Stevia over the original simply because it contains less sugar etc. Thanks for the chance to participate in the trial, my kids loved being 'testers' , the 11 yr old even wanted to bring the empty bottle into school to show off the fact that he had tasted something new that no one else had :)
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New Sprite made with Stevia feedback
28/11/2012 14:14
I received my goody bag of Sprite drinks last week thanks very much. We don't drink soft drinks frequently as I worry about sugar content. We drink them on treat occasions like pizza night or for birthday parties. I was delighted to hear about Sprite using Stevia as a natural sweetener as I had recently read about it in a health magazine and about how it was far better to use in many things (like baking) than normal sugar.
We decided to do our taste test on Saturday night when we were having our weekly pizza. I hadn't told the kids that there was anything different about it just that you wanted us to try it out. When they tasted it there wasn't one comment about the taste being different or funny. I tasted it too and thought it tasted the same as always which was great as I don't really like diet drinks so this being normal and tasting good is a real bonus for me.
Our kids are 12 and 14 and they gave new Sprite the thumbs up. And mum and dad did too. The kids aren't really aware of calories (rightly so) but it made a huge different to me as a mum knowing that there was 30% less sugar and calories in it. I am still able to guide my kids into food choices (long may it last) and knowing that this is a better option for them is something that is incredibly important to me. Because of this change, I will definitely purchase it as our preferred soft drink from now on.
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New Sprite made with Stevia feedback
28/11/2012 14:46
Thank you so much for letting me take part in this trial.
We got our delivery on Monday this week, and we've really enjoyed trying it out. We would normally only have soft drinks at the weekend, but as this was 'official business' Wink I let everyone test it. We also had my sister and her boys over on Tuesday evening, so it was the perfect time to broaden the test out to other people too.
We normally buy one bottle of either white lemonade or cola a week and have it as a treat at the weekend. There are 4 in our family and we always have family or friends over at the weekend too, so I figure it's well spread out between everyone.
My daughter is 13 and really likes the new Sprite with Stevia - I didn't tell her there was anything new about it, and she still said she loved it. I tasted it too, and there really was no noticeable difference. My son who is 14 also tried it – he’s quite fussy about food and drinks but he didn’t mention anything about a different taste and was more than happy to have a fizzy drink mid-week.
Myself and my husband would both agree that there is very little difference in taste, it's still a lovely refreshing drink and it's fantastic to know that it has 30% less sugar, from a plant that is 100% natural. Brilliant.
On Tuesday night, my sister and her two (teenage) sons called, and I gave them each a glass and they loved it too.
I hadn't heard of Stevia before now, but I'll definitely be on the look out. I will also be replacing my current 'white lemonade' purchase to this new Sprite with stevia. We buy soft drinks anyway, and I'm delighted that there is an alternative out there, and event more happy that it has 30% less calories.
Thanks again for letting us take part, great trial, and great product.
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New Sprite made with Stevia feedback
28/11/2012 15:43
We regularly buy soft drinks [mostly for the adults though] as my kids prefer to drink milk and water.

I'm not too concerned about added sugar as we all prefer freshly made food and fruit... Altough chocolate cake and banoffee pie is a regular feature in our home:-)

I know a few people who use Stevia in their coffee and tea instead of sugar.

The new Sprite has a really nice taste. My daughter said the lemony flavour seems to come through more with the Stevia than the "old" Sprite taste. The family as a whole enjoyed the flavour, I personally found it very refreshing.

New Sprite with Stevia will be a definite on the shopping list as it would be better to buy than the sweeter soft drinks currently available.

I do believe the onus is on us to live a healthy life so new Sprite is a better option as it is "more enjoyment with less of the guilt" with the 30% less sugar and calories.

Yes, the family as a whole enjoyed the new Sprite taste!
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New Sprite made with Stevia feedback
30/11/2012 14:00
I was delighted to be chosen by Mummy Pages to be part of the Mums Say Trial on New Sprite made with Stevia.

I have two children and generally buy two bottles of soft drinks each weekend, I don't drink alcohol so it is as much a treat for me as for the children.

I had bought a bottle of the original Sprite to compare them and we could see no difference in the taste between them. We all really enjoyed the new Sprite and I will definitely buy it from now on.

Since having children I have been torn between sugar free juices/soft drinks and the regular ones. Have read a lot about aspartame over the years and I do have concerns about it. But after several visits to the dentist, the high sugar content of a lot of drinks is definitely a danger to teeth.

I had never heard of Stevia before this trial but googled it and could find nothing negative about it. All posts were positive.

It is great that it is 100% natural and the new Sprite has 30% less sugar and 30% less calories than the original. Hope that Coca Cola will continue the good work and use it in all their soft drinks in the future.
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New Sprite made with Stevia feedback
01/12/2012 16:47
I was happy to taste test the new Sprite with my family. We always have a few bottles of fizzy drinks in the fridge and with two teenagers and a 7 year old, it's not something they reach for everyday. I might buy one or two bottles a week. I do worry about the sugar content and I always buy diet drinks. I never heard about Stevia before the trial. I found that it did taste the same as original Sprite and none of the family noticed any difference in the taste.

I was happy to see that it had 30% less sugar. I would be more happy to see 30% less sugar than 30% less calories which wouldn't really entice me to buy a product. After comparing the sugar content of the new Sprite with other diet drinks and on finding that it has less sugar, I would be very happy to purchase this product again. On tasting this Sprite the less sugar content definitely does not effect the taste or flavour and it stands up very well comparing it to other soft drinks on the market. The new stevia sweetener does give me an extra choice for my family on purchasing soft drinks.
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New Sprite made with Stevia feedback
01/12/2012 23:28
hi with a family of 7 there are alot of mixed reactions to things and it was no differant for the new sprite with stevia.i buy a fizzy drink once a week normaly for sunday dinner so to get the sprite in the middle of the week was a treat. My husband and 14 year old daughter didn't like it. My husband said there was a weird smell from it and my 14 year old daughter said there was a weird taste from it.My 15, 4, and 3 year olds loved it and where none the wiser that there was less sugar in it. I thought it was just like normal sprite and i have a really sweet tooth.i would buy sprite with stevia because of the less sugar but i would also have to buy another fizzy drink like coca cola which everyone likes.
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New Sprite made with Stevia feedback
03/12/2012 17:11
I was really delighted to receive the lovely parcel of handy size bottles of new Sprite with Stevia and I was very happy to take part in this trial.

In general, we would always have some soft drinks in the press at home but the kids wouldn’t be allowed to have them every day. We would allow them when visitors call, at birthdays, special occasions (like xmas) or as a special treat if they were very good! I know it’s bad to offer soft drinks as a reward but at times, it’s just so hard to refuse the angelic faces smiling up at you!! We are not loyal to one particular brand of soft drink. Taste and value for money are the most important factors for us.

The sugar content in soft drinks does worry me. We are being constantly told in the media that kids are eating too many processed foods and too much sugar so I try to limit the amount of soft drinks that they can have but I don’t like to deprive them completely – they are only young once and everything is fine in moderation. I try to balance it out and encourage them to drink water whenever possible but as long as they don’t overdo the fizzy drinks, I am happy to allow them to enjoy a treat now and again.

I confess I had never in my life heard of Stevia and neither had any of my family or friends. The fact that it all comes from the natural source – the Stevia plant is a big benefit to this new product and should ensure it appeals to many.

Well the verdict was very good. Everybody who tried it out at home loved it. It was refreshing, tasty and thirst quenching so it did the job perfectly after a long day running around in the park. There was a very slight difference in taste to the original taste but it was neither a worse nor a better taste, just ever so slightly less sugary and sweet.

We all really enjoyed it at home – nobody had any complaints and we all agreed it was pleasant, refreshing and delightful! The kids even said it was the most thirst quenching drink they had ever tasted before!

I thought it had a less sweet taste than some of the other more synthetic soft drinks available. For example, it was less sugary to taste than Coke or Fanta and had a more refreshing, cooling down effect after a few hours in the gym. I think it does provide more choice which is always a good thing and I most definitely would consider buying it in the future, provided it was available in my local store at a reasonable price.

I am very satisfied to know that it contains 30% less sugar and calories. It makes me feel happier giving it to the kids and I can feel less guilty when I have it myself. Anything to reduce sugar and calorie content in what we consume is a great thing in my opinion! The fact that it all comes from the natural source – the Stevia plant is a big benefit to this new product and should ensure it appeals to many.

I would definitely buy it again primarily because it has the benefit of less sugar and calories but does not compromise on the taste. I think it’s all about choice – I like that this new variety has introduced more choice for the consumer and more competition in the marketplace. However, having said that, cost is always a factor for me so if it was noticeably dearer than other soft drinks, I feel I couldn’t afford it so it’s all about a reasonable balance between value and taste.
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New Sprite made with Stevia feedback
04/12/2012 12:48
I was delighted to be chosen to trial New Sprite with Stevia. Myself, my husband and two older kids are great fans of fizzy drinks & so they are bought regularly in our house (coke & lucozade in particular). It's great to see that an effort is being made to reduce the sugar level in these drinks and fair play to Sprite for this.

I was expecting to find a bitter aftertaste, but in fact there was none. A great lemony flavour & overall we all thought it was more pleasant to drink than the original version. My daughter ususally drinks Lucozade Apple which I find extremely sweet so this is a great alternative.

I would have always bought Sprite for kids parties, and will continue to do so, but I will certainly head for the one with Stevia. The kids are happy as long as it is sweet & fizzy, but my conscience will be a little bit clearer in the future knowing that the calory intake is so much lower and that Stevia is natural.

Thank you.
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New Sprite made with Stevia feedback
04/12/2012 15:30
Hi Folks,
Thank you so much for letting me take part in this trail, my goody bag of sprite bottles arrived on Friday last, and over the weekend the kids polished off all of them,
The kids really enjoyed them, they felt that the drink was sweeter, and the lemon and lime taste was stronger, i do try to limit the amount of fizzy drinks that come in to the house, but with teenagers it can be difficult, my daughter was impressed with the fact that she could read the label, as it was in French...

i will be buying a few bottles of the new Sprite from now on,
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New Sprite made with Stevia feedback
04/12/2012 15:39
My family taste tested the New Sprite made with Stevia recently.

I don't buy soft drinks on a regular basis to have at home though I mostly buy them for occasions or when we have visitors or when I'm out and about and want a cold drink.

My children are teenage boys aged 17 and 15 so they're in an age group that
tend to drink a lot of soft drinks when they're out and about so I do tend to worry about the amount of sugar they're consuming especially when added to the sweets/chocolate they may consume.
Teenagers are image conscious so tend not to drink diet drinks especially in front of their teenagers. From that point alone I think the new Sprite is a great alternative as it's not an obvious diet drink like others that have it splashed across their bottles/cans.

I recently found out about Stevia at a Weight Watchers class and use the granules in cooking stewed fruit.

My family enjoyed the new Sprite, it didn't last long especially when shared with a couple of other teenage boys who didn't notice any difference in the flavour.

It passed the taste test in my house and as it's 30% less sugar and 30% less calories I'll definitely be buying in future and will be on the look out for it when I'm doing my christmas food shopping. I'll be recommending it at my Weight Watchers class.
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New Sprite made with Stevia feedback
04/12/2012 23:39
I was delighted to take part in this trial, as a mum to 5 kids that love fizzy drink i was glad to find a product with 30% less sugar!!!

I was so excited when the drinks arrived,that i had to open one straight away!!! i absolutely loved the taste, very refreshing.

That evening i gave it to my kids and they loved it too, they said it tasted better (more flavoursome!) than the regular "Sprite" It really was a hit in my house and most defenitely will be on my shopping list from now on :0

Thank you so much mummypages :)
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New Sprite made with Stevia feedback
05/12/2012 09:30
We were so excited to be picked for this trial.. so thank so much for asking us to participate
I received our New Sprite made with Stevia last week. I had 3 very excited kids dieing to try this out.
We dont have frizzy drinks very often because of the high sugar levels. We have them as a treat maybe once a week, I myself aint a big fan of fizzy drinks, so this was a real treat for the kids. We all sat down at the table, like professional tasters. Our first impression was that you could taste the lemon and lime alot more, which the kids loved. The taste was surprisingly great with reduced sugar drink which you wouldnt expect. It didnt taste like a diet drink at all, I hate that after taste u get from diet drinks, with sprite stevia you didnt get this at all... which is fantastic.
Its great to be able to buy a drink like Sprite with Stevia without compromising on taste, actually it adds to the taste. We much prefer this one...:)

My children aged 15, 11 and 9 loved it, and asks can this be our new fizzy drink treat... So, the verdict from our house house is thumbs up definitely, as for marks 10 out of 10.
All I can say is Sprite with Stevia will be a our shopping list from now on...
Thanks again
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New Sprite made with Stevia feedback
05/12/2012 15:14
We received our sprite goody pack and were absolutely thrilled to try it out.. My husband is a diabetic so we tend not to buy sugary drinks and when we do it would be a treat.
I have to say i thought this new Sprite was lovely, definitely not as sweet as original sprite which I liked as i have found sprite very sweet in the past which is one of the main reasons why I would never buy it. However I will be more inclined to buy this newer one as it tastes much nicer.
I will definitely buy this in the future and I will also recommend it as I think it is very important for soft drink manufacturers to recognise that not everything has to be loaded with sugar to taste good.
very impressed and thank you mummypages for giving us the chance to try it out.