Former Gogglebox star Scarlett Moffatt had an emotional breakdown yesterday after incessant trollers insulted her on social media.


Scarlett appeared on the Love Island spin-off show, Aftersun, last night. During which her low-cut dress revealed a part of her bra while she spoke to the show’s host Caroline Flack.



People immediately took to Twitter to bash the I’m a Celeb winner’s appearance, starting with her bra and then moving on to her weight. There was no holding back as opinionated viewers began fat shaming the 28-year-old for her appearance, calling her ‘utterly revolting’.


Scarlett went home to see tweets judging her body and insulting the way she looked and could not believe the cruelty of women online. The reality TV personality revealed on social media that she cried her eyes out after reading the comments.


‘I’m honestly ashamed of some people on here. Hard to pretend I’m ok and be  a good role model to others about how it’s ok to just you,’ she wrote.


It is hard enough living with an insecurity, let alone when people publicly attack your appearance. However, fans quickly came to her defence after her post, advising her to ignore the nasty comments and to ‘keep shining’.



Love Island star Olivia Buckland also replied to Scarlett saying that she had received similar online treatment.


‘Babe I can feel this so much. Happened to me yesterday I broke down. From one strong lady to another; we’re better than that.[...] All I know is that you are better than words.’



Olivia’s fiancee, Alex Bowen, also vented about the way fat shamers were treating Liv, discrediting their remarks and calling her ‘unreal’.


‘Had liv crying in my arms this morning because of hurtful comments made by disgusting girls and elder women too [...] no one should be made feel like that.’


Caroline Flack and Love Island narrator, Iain Stirling, stood by Scarlett’s side, reassuring her how ‘brilliant’ she was and dubbing her the ‘sweetest most approachable individual out there’.



Once again, people hide behind their computers to judge women in the spotlight, but we were happy to see others defending Scarlett and Liv.


Liv also tweeted a powerful message: ‘Lots preach for women in the public eye to be good role models and teach the love yourself motto; yet the parents of the kids they want us to influence are often the ones writing the hate.


‘Self love starts at home, at your heart and not at hate.’



Online bullying has become a serious issue, especially after the suspected suicide of Love Island star Sophie Gradon. The actress had recently addressed social media commentators who were relentless in their tormenting judgements about her looks.



We stand behind women everywhere who are verbally attacked and shamed online because of judgemental comments regarding their appearance.


It is so important to speak out and tell others how you’re feeling. Keep defending your friends and loved ones, encouragement can make all the difference.