After the tragic death of fourteen-year-old allergy sufferer Emma Sload, the Minister for Health wants to look at different ways to make life-saving adrenaline pen injectors more available for people with allergies.
Over 2,300 of these adrenaline pens have been recalled by the Irish Medicines Board (IMB) because of the potential quality defect that could lead to the injection not working as it should.
Used by those with allergies, the pens stop them from going into lethal toxic shock and in some cases, death, but now `there are fears that the quality of the pens could lead to injection failure.
John Lynch of IMG, said that the defect might not affect a large number of pens and the IMB have yet to receive reports from patients or Irish doctors of any failures.
“This recall is precautionary in nature," he said and he advises those who normally carry pens to "adhere to current medical advice that they carry two pens at all times".
Overall, seven batches of the Jext pen- which is used to prevent someone from going into anaphylactic shock and dying - have been recalled and users are asked to swap the affected pens at their local pharmacy.