Helen Flanagans fans share support as she opens up about postnatal depression

Helen Flanagan has been supported by her fans as she opens up about her mental health struggles. 

The former Coronation Street star shared an insight into her battle with postnatal depression, while also revealing she struggled with OCD and intrusive thoughts. 

Helen is mum to eight-year-old Matilda, five-year-old Delilah and two-year-old Charlie, whom she shares with her ex-fiancé Scott Sinclair.

Heading to Instagram, Helen shared a photo to her 1M followers of herself smiling as she breastfed her son, later admitting she was battling with postnatal depression in the picture despite ‘not looking like she had it’.

The 33-year-old captioned the post, “Mental health. It’s important to talk and know your not on your own and to be kind, kind as you can as life is so complicated”.

“I struggled badly with post natal after Matilda and with Charlie x Matilda I was really unwell with after, I struggled really badly with OCD and intrusive thoughts and had CBT for a good year x”.

Flanagan continued, “I found an amazing book by @bryonygordon “ No such thing as normal” and I’d really recomend it x”.

“A good therapist can really help and I feel lucky I’ve always been able to speak to my mum and had good friends x your not on your own x”.

Helen closed off by revealing, “Chose this pic as even though I didn’t look it, I had bad post natal with Charlie x”.

Many fans of the soap star rushed to the comments to commend her honesty and to share their support for her candid chat about her own struggles. 

One commenter said, “So proud of you and thank you for being so honest and open!”.

“Wonderful advice Helen. Thankyou for sharing”, penned a second fan while another added, “Thank you for normalising mental health problems”.