Being a teenager is bad enough without your face being covered in pimples, which can really affect your young adult’s self confidence. For some it is simply just a phase that their skin is going through but for others it can be something that stays with them right through to adulthood.


However, before your teen starts to panic and hide under the covers every morning, try these six things.


Make sure they wash their face with a clean towel

Whatever they do put on their face, be it a towel or a facecloth, make sure it is clean to avoid transferring bacteria to your son or daughter’s face. Hands are another way bacteria can get onto their facial skin so make sure they don’t touch their face too often.  


Eat well

Ensure your teen maintains a healthy diet with plenty of lean meats, fruit and vegetables. They will also need to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and help flush toxins out of their system.


Cleanse and exfoliate

Now is the time for your young adult to get into the habit of cleansing and moisturising their face daily. Give them products suitable for acne-prone skin and ensure they use them on their face every day. Even if they aren’t wearing make-up your little one should still cleanse and exfoliate to remove any dirt building up or skin clogging pores.


Clean make-up brushes and sponges regularly

If your youngster is wearing make-up, make sure they regularly clean their brushes and sponges to prevent bacteria building up and being transferred to their skin. Simply wash in warm soapy water and leave to dry.


Make sure they don’t pop a pimple

Make sure your son or daughter doesn’t pop their pimples. Not only can this cause unnecessary scarring, but it can also spread bacteria to other areas of the face causing more spots. If they are really conscious about it they can cover it up with a little concealer and treat it with a spot ointment, but otherwise leave it alone.



For some, regular exercise can also help clear up acne, as it increases blood flow to the skin which helps keep it healthy and reduce redness. But make sure they don’t overdo it as this can increase acne production. A shower straight after any form of workout will stop them getting body breakouts.