Holidays are a great way to spend much needed quality time with the family, hanging out with the kids and chilling with your significant other. 


However, being in a foreign place means you should be extra vigilant about knowing where your kids are at all times as it is very easy to get lost in an unknown area. 


But what happens if you do get separated? And what is the best way to ensure your little ones can find their way back home? 


Well, a Californian police department tok to Facebook to share a fantastic idea should you get separated from your little one; it’s very simple and you’ll be able to pack all these items in your case before you go.


After writing your number on your child’s wrist or arm, cover it with a spray plaster.


The spray plaster will provide a waterproof seal over the ink so that no matter how long they’re in the pool, those digits aren’t going anywhere.


Just make sure to keep them out of the water for a few minutes after you spray so as not to undo all your efforts.



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