Stripey Pipey


Stripey Pipey is an online shop featuring original artworks, created by London based designers Alice and Ben. From whimsical wall stickers that are perfect for kids' rooms, to bespoke mixed media characters, Stripey Pipey brings you an unusual mix of artwork you will fall in love with.
Stripey Pipey also loves working on commissions. What better thing to adorn the walls of a child's bedroom or play room than a Stripey Pipey sticker based on them! Just send us a photo of your child, maybe wearing a favourite t shirt or with a favourite toy, and we will do the rest. Alternatively send us a description and add some details that will help us to make it more personal. i.e. If you know they LOVE PLANES then tell us that they LOVE PLANES! This makes a brilliantly unique present for ANY child that you know. It doesn't even have to be your own!