When it comes to relieving stress, many of us look to exercise as a way to wind down, but what if you aren’t a fan of running, going to the gym or playing sports? For many people, being creative acts as stress reliever, with painting and drawing being the most easily accessible.


If you have yet to be convinced, the following benefits will help to change your mind:


1. Takes your mind off things

It can be a great way to lose yourself and distract your attention away from what is causing you stress.


2. It engages you

It is easy to lose yourself in your art, and being completely engaged in something can act as a form of meditation.



3. Gives you a goal

Stress can often be caused by our inability to manage everything, but with art you can set yourself a goal that you can work towards - a goal that has an ending in the not-so-distant future.


4. Helps you process your emotions  

Art acts as a great medium to express yourself and, for many, simply being able to put our worries and concerns down on paper can help enormously.


5. Helps you release your emotions

With a paint brush or pencil you can release your emotions through your drawings and paintings almost instantly - there is something soothing about aggressively holding a paint brush and taking our stress out on a piece of paper. You may even end up with a number of expressive pictures that you can hang up around your home.