How to buy, rent and sell the best preowned baby and children’s goods online

Are you on the hunt for affordable and sustainable baby essentials? Then we’ve got good news for you — Kindora, the premium baby goods marketplace has launched in Ireland.

Kindora is a wonderful place to buy and sell premium pre-loved goods for your kids, as well as renting out a selection of sought-after items by the month. From advanced smart cots to wireless breast-pumps, these useful products are often hard to find in local retailers and can be a huge added cost for parents to buy outright for limited time use.


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On a mission to help families of all shapes and sizes access the best products for their families without costing the earth or the effort, Kindora is disrupting the baby goods market by helping parents and reducing waste.

The main deterrents from buying second hand are cleanliness, safety, and quality control. But Kindora can eliminate these concerns due to all of their goods being screened and hospital-grade-cleaned. The result? Less waste financially and environmentally.

Did you know the average new pram requires 16 different materials and is equivalent to making over a thousand disposable coffee cups? Or that 33% of pram components are made of plastic? 

Every item bought, sold or rented on Kindora has an amazingly positive impact on the environment. They analyse what products have the best resale value, the longest lifespan and more to help parents buy better and buy less.

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