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Raising children, working, having a personal life and ensuring your romantic relationships are flourishing all at the same time is incredibly difficult. So, we thought we’d help every mum out there by sharing some simple tips. Every family works differently, so these tips are simply a template that will hopefully help you start building the perfect work-life balance as a mum.
Let the Guilt Go
According to the World Bank Group, women accounted for 46.4% of the United Kingdom’s workforce in 2016 – many of whom are sure to have children to take care of. More recently, A Bad Mom Christmas, the festive sequel to the Mean-Girls-for-grownups blockbuster Bad Moms, has already earned almost $28 million worldwide. The movie explores the realities of being a parent, and the inevitable guilt that comes with not being able to put your family first at all times.
Overcoming this guilt is the very first step to creating a perfect work-life balance as a mum, as while you may want to spend every moment with your child as they grow it simply isn’t possible if you also have to earn money. Lisa Pierson Weinberger, lawyer and founder of Mom, Esq understand this completely, stating that: "The most successful career moms have found ways to be efficient in both worlds—and that requires being able to come to terms with choices and focus on the priorities that are in the moment."
Be App Smart
These days there are plenty of apps that will inevitably make your life easier whether you want to create a happier work-life balance or simply want to create more free time in your schedule, and all you need to get a hold of them is a smartphone and an internet connection. So, with so many apps to choose from which ones are the best for you as a mom?
One option is looking at the worldwide lottery betting site Lottoland, who have curated a list of apps perfect for this situation, which includes the app SmartBreak. This particular app focuses on reminding busy individuals to take breaks at specific, fixed times based on the individual’s lifestyle and workload. Breaks are incredibly important – especially if you think you don’t have time for a break – as it will decrease the chances of health issues such as repetitive strain injuries, stress and burn out. To be the best mum you can be you need to take care of yourself as well as you’re children, so always remember to create "you" time.
Ensure You Fit in Family Time
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Finally, while you may see your children often if you’re ferrying them to and from school, classes and extracurricular activities, it’s important to create time for dedicated family activities. Sure, you may cook dinner and eat with your family, but it might be a great idea to look into other activities you can do together.
This could be something as simple as going out to the movies or having a board game night, or you could book a day out to visit a theme park or national forest. By dedicating time to your family, it will ensure that the bond between you and your children is as strong as possible, which is after all the main aim of being a mum. Really, it doesn’t matter what you choose to do with your children as long as you are spending special time together and creating happy memories they can hold on to for life.
Of course, feel free to build upon these tips with your own specific needs – we recognise that every family works differently. If you have any words of support or other ideas for mums struggling to find the perfect work-life balance please let us know in the comments below.