How to find the perfect work-life balance as a mum

As babies, you nurse them, cuddle them, comfort them, protect them and you continue to do this even when they’re big and strong.

You go from breastfeeding your newborn to teaching them how to bake your own mum’s famous blueberry muffins for their home economics exam.

You go from watching them take their first step to watching them walk down the aisle.

You go from helping them with their spelling test revision to watching them graduate from college.

Being a mum really is a true honour, but amongst all those glorious and momentous moments there is a hell of a lot of sleepless nights and we spend a good chunk of our time never not feeling tired.

Seriously, when was the last time us mums actually felt well rested? The 80s?

Juggling work, family and everything in between may feel like mission impossible at the best of times.

Trying to tackle the mountain of chores at home, your demanding workload and your dwindling social life can really take its toll on you.

As mums, we often forget to think of ourselves because we are too busy running after everyone else, especially our kiddos.

Trying to juggle everything and anything can leave you feeling completely wiped and this can have a negative impact on your health, including your hormone balance.

Stepping away from mum and work duties for a little while is something we all need to do more often. You should try practice this once a week and then gradually introduce ‘me-time’ into your daily routine.

It is so easy to schedule in moments of 'me-time' into your day-to-day life. Take 20 minutes to go for a stroll, go to bed early and read a book you've been itching to read, treat yourself to a cinema trip without the kids or maybe pop into one of your friends on the weekend for a cup of coffee. Don't deprive yourself of doing the things you love.

Plus, not only will you feel calm and less tired (a miracle, we know) but it will also have a real positive impact on hormone balance.

Remember that reaching out and asking for help is okay. Pausing to breathe and reflect during a manic day is totally acceptable. And most importantly, taking care of yourself is not selfish, it is vital.

Get the kids more involved with the mountain of chores you have to face every evening after work. Working together will help strengthen their bond as well as showing them just how much mum does. They’ll certainly be beyond grateful for their supermum when they see everything you do.

Another simple way to make your life that little bit less stressful is to eat well. We often forget that what we eat affects our hormone balance. Don’t deprive yourself by skipping meals or by following fad diets.

Cut down on sugar and saturated fats and boost your intake of lean proteins, whole grains and fibre. Drink plenty of water in-between meals to stay hydrated and keep your snacks healthy with fresh fruit, hummus and veggie sticks or a small handful of nuts.

Make sure you’re eating enough of the ‘good’ Omega-3 fats found in the likes of walnuts, oily fish and flax seeds.

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