When baby is in the womb, we are just itching to snuggle them, dress them in the cutest of outfits and coo over them forever..And then they arrive into the world, the tiniest little bundle!


But they don't stay small for long and before you know you are trying to keep up with the super quick growth spurts that occur at what feels like the speed of light between the ages of 0-2! 


So here is a handful of tips to save you some pennies, and get the most out of those precious little items!


1. Babygros - Literally, the cutest array of babygros to be had out there, but something I hated seeing was when the feet of them were literally stretched on the child's feet and looked SO uncomfortable! But there is no point in throwing it away when you can simply go grab a scissors and snip the feet off the babygro! (Without the baby, obviously) This means that you can get more time out of them and if you wanted to make it look a bit neater and were handy with a needle and thread you could create a hem yourself. 


2. Shoes - Keep shoes minimal. Babies who are not walking yet certainly don't need them and if you really want to buy those soft little cuties, why not go for a pair that suits most outfits? The same goes for those who start walking and thereafter. One really good pair of shoes at a time is all they need bar maybe a pair of wellies in Winter. Babies and toddlers feet grow so quickly and need to be cared for, and it is also a good idea to keep an eye on this and get their feet measured every 6 to 8 weeks.


3. Socks - When little feet get too big for even littler socks, again grab those scissors and snip off the toe part. Instant leg warmers! Very 80's you may say, but babies and toddlers can literally pull off anything can't they?


4. T-shirts - If you find that you have a bundle of t-shirts going into the cold season and they fit, use them! All they need is a long sleeved vest or top underneath to add length to the sleeves and an extra layer to keep warm.


5. Mittens for newborns - Just don't bother with these. There are some brilliant babygros you can buy with built-in mittens that will mean you aren't reattaching them every 5 mins or losing them! They were an absolute godsend and were a saviour when I had my October baby. 


6. Size up - I find now that my little girl is two I am buying certain things like jumpers in the next size up. There's more room, more comfort and will surely last longer. 


7. PJ's - Wear the pyjamas for as long as possible. It doesn't matter what theme, Christmas, Halloween, or whatever. Sure who else is going to see them, realistically?!


8. Old summer t-shirts and shorts - Just in case you were short on PJ's, t-shirts and those soft cotton shorts from the Summer can do just the same thing! Waste not, want not! 


On a last note, I will say that it is also important not to hold onto stuff that really won't be used anymore. That bit of clutter in your home could be used again and be much more loved in another home or could help to raise money for a good cause. 


Or if you have certain items of sentimental value, why not get a bear or blanket made out of them? This means you have one single item to have forever, with zero waste. 


Have you got any more tips to add? I'd love to see them! 

Rachael enjoys personal blogging about her new journey as a mother and all things random in between.
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