While you may be over the moon with the latest addition to your family, sometimes it can take older siblings slightly longer to adjust. Don’t worry though, they will soon grow to love their baby brother or sister, and there are a few things you can do to help them along the way.
  • If you have some visitors coming over, tell them to make a bit of a fuss of the older sibling, so they don’t feel like the baby is getting all the attention.
  • Give the older sibling some role in relation to the baby, such as helping to change nappies or give them a bath. If they feel involved with the baby they won’t be as jealous.
  • If you have a child who is much older, they might be able to help properly, but you shouldn’t force this upon them as they might end up resenting the baby.
  • Bring them both to a playground, so your toddler can have some fun and you will have time to bond with the baby.
  • If the older sibling does anything kind for the baby take notice, and encourage them.
  • Give the older child some privileges for being older – that way they’ll see that the baby doesn’t really have all the good stuff.
  • If your child is still having a hard time adapting, listen to them. Let him or her vent their frustrations – they’re entitled to their feelings after all. Try and talk to them about how the baby will grow up to be their best friend – and rest assured, they will get used to their little sibling eventually. Some things just take time, so relax.