Yoga can lower chances of suffering from migraines, research claims

Yoga seems to have a never-ending list of benefits. From strengthening your muscles to easing anxiety, the exercise has been growing in popularity over the years and we’re eager to start practicing after this latest research.

Anyone who suffers from migraines knows just how debilitating they can be. We will try all of the home remedies and hacks if they help us prevent a migraine attack, even if it means cutting down on our chocolate intake.

Research has now found that yoga can help lessen the frequency and intensity of migraines. According to a study, published in the journal Neurology, the meditative technique helped half the number of headaches patients had.

The researchers at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences in New Delhi, India analysed 114 people over the space of three months. One half of the group used medication and the other half practiced yoga and used medication. The yoga group practiced at home five days a week for two months.

The participants suffered from four to 14 episodic migraines each month. The results found that the group who practiced yoga noticed a 48 percent reduction in the frequency and number of headaches.

The group who solely took medication only noticed a decrease of 12 percent.

Lead author of the study, Dr Rohit Bhatia commented: “Migraine is one of the most common headache disorders, but only about half the people taking medication for it get relief.

“The good news is that practising something as simple and accessible as yoga may help much more than medications alone. And all you need is a mat.”