Having an efficient food store is more important than having a big and varied one. One good way to get organised is to make a list of the ingredients you use regularly, which you can then check weekly and top up as required.
Here are tips to create an efficient store cupboard
  • Throw away all ingredients if the use by date has expired.
  • Keep ingredients even if the best by dates have expired. This is there to let you know when the food is tastiest.
  • Transfer all open packets of food into airtight containers.
  • Section foods. (eg: tinned, condiments, etc)
  • Stack boxes in order of height.
  • Rotate all the same ingredients by date.
  • Check levels and dates of stock regularly.
Once you have the cupboard under control, now it’s time to think about what to put in it.
Wholegrain bread, wholegrain flour, basmati rice, brown pasta, cornflour and lentils.
Vegetable & Fruit
Onions, tinned tomatoes, frozen peas, spinach, corn, frozen berries.
Tuna canned, salmon canned, chickpeas/legumes, quinoa.
Milk, cheese, eggs
Fats & Oils
Olive oil or rapeseed oil, sunflower oil, butter
Condiments & Flavourings
Veg and Chicken stock cubes, black pepper, sea salt, curry, garlic and tomato paste, mixed herbs, Worcestershire sauce and rice vinegar.
Baking Ingredients
White or brown sugar, plain flour and baking powder