According to recent study by the American Paediatric Society, the longer babies are in their car seat, the more their oxygen levels drop.


Shockingly, as seen in the report, some oxygen levels dropped as low as 83.6%, and anything below 90% is considered hypoxia.


However, while we, as mums, know not to leave our youngsters in their car seat unsupervised or for long periods of time, we would be forgiven for not wanting to move a sleeping baby.


So what can be done?


Well, the problem mums have when lifting their sleeping baby out of the seat is the need to move them around; rolling them to the side, putting your hands under their head and giving them much-needed support are guaranteed to disturb your youngster. 



However, this can be easily solved by making use of the world’s first baby lifting wrap, the SnuggleBundl, which acts like a hammock and fully supports Baby’s head when moving them. 


As well as ensuring little ones get that all-important undisturbed sleep,  it also supports their head, neck and spine, helps with post birth recovery and takes the strain off Mum and Dad’s back too.


In addition to this, you get a cosy wrap, a play matt, a car seat liner, a breastfeeding cover and a fantastic travel system all in one!


Commenting on this latest revelation, Mike Edwards, Co-Founder of Snugglebundl said: “All parents are aware of the health risks associated with leaving their baby in a car seat for too long, but when your newborn is fast asleep, disturbing them becomes a worry too."


"Over the last few years, we have worked hard to educate parents on the various benefits they can enjoy when they buy the Snugglebundl. And the fact it allows them to remove their sleeping baby easily from the car seat as quickly as possible really makes it an invaluable product for every family. "



The super soft Snugglebundl wrap has been fully safety tested and the soft, strong lifting loops allow you to effortlessly lift, lay and move your baby, without waking them; giving you more time to rest, relax and recover.  


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