Teething is an inevitable part of growing up and your little one will go through it eventually. However, unless the teeth are starting to show, it can be a little difficult to know if your infant is actually teething. In fact, for a few lucky babies, they don’t experience any symptoms or obvious discomfort and one morning you may just notice a tooth has popped up in the middle of the night.
Here are the signs to look out for to determine if your little one is due a tooth any day.
Face rash
Your little one might  develop a rash on their face or chin usually due to the fact that they are drooling quite a lot. To ease any discomfort, moisturise with a little baby lotion and try to keep the area clean and dry.
Trying to bite
When your little one is teething, they may try to ease any discomfort by biting everything and anything around them. The pressure caused by biting can relive pain so if your notice your infant is chomping down on anything that goes into their mouth they are probably teething.
Increased temperature 
Some children can develop an increased temperature when they are teething which you can usually relieve with medicine. However, if it lasts for more than a day or two without showing signs of easing or gets worse, you should take your baby to the doctor.
Pulling at their ears or face
Your baby’s ears, teeth and cheeks are all connected so when they are teething they may suffer from pain in that area. Your baby may pull at their ears or rub their face which is a sign of teething. However, it is important you don’t mistake any pain caused by teething with an infection. Take your little one to the GP if you suspect it is a little more than teething or if they are suffering for more than a day or two.
A cranky baby is another sign to keep an eye out for. A baby who won’t settle or is cranky and clingy is a sign that their teeth are coming through. If they are like this for a prolonged period of time you should go see your GP as it might be a sign of something more. 
White marks under teeth
The easiest way to know if your little one is teething is by having a look in their mouth. By doing this you might spot a white tooth under their gum line.