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I have a condition that causes benign lumps in my breasts. Can I still breastfeed my child?

Many women suffer from conditions like fibrocystic breast disease that cause benign lumps to form in their breasts. While you should have every lump you find checked by your doctor in case it’s something more serious, these kinds of lumps should not cause any trouble to breastfeeding mums. Sometimes you will notice them in one breast only, while some women have them in both of their breasts.
If you don’t already have a diagnosed breast condition, even benign lumps in your breasts could cause trouble. They could be blocked milk ducts and they can cause pain and difficulty breastfeeding. This type of lump can also lead to painful infections if left untreated so you definitely need medical attention if you have this type of blockage.
The best advice is to treat every case as individual and speak to your doctor or a breastfeeding specialist to find out whether you can breastfeed.

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