I stripped my life bare: Why you should create your own reality

I love J.K Rowling’s quote when she says ‘rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life’. The Seven Principles in my book The Source: Connect with Your Inner Power and Create Your Own Reality were borne out of my struggles and they became my ‘solid foundation’ on which I rebuilt my life. Nearly nine years ago on a very cold and wet April day, I found myself journeying from Mayo back to my native Dublin.

I had lived in Spain for a few years before moving to Mayo, and the drive from Mayo to Dublin was one I had done many times. But this time I was leaving Mayo for good, it was the beginning of my journey home – not only to Dublin but more importantly, the journey home to myself. The boot of my car was jam-packed with plastic bags and a suitcase and in the back seat were my thirteen-year-old twin boys and my beautiful seven-year-old daughter. I remember thinking: ‘All I need is in this car, my children and the real me – that’s all I need.’

I was a divorced forty-one-year-old woman with no money, no job, nowhere to live, on my way back to my parents’ house. I was on my own internal pilgrimage. I had come too far away from my real self. I had been afraid to listen to and act on my own intuition and now I had finally stripped my life bare only to begin anew.

I desperately tried to find my feet in those early days of despair. I had beaten myself up badly and on arriving back in Dublin I was very broken. I had to start from absolute scratch. My children were my priority, so there were schools to find, new uniforms and books to buy. I had to rent a house and move in. More importantly, I needed to put food on the table – and I had no job. My children settled in quickly and were enjoying Dublin, but for me those first few months were terrifying. I felt like I was a shadow of myself and I worried constantly about money. Everything rolled around in my head endlessly and that incessant fearful chatter was unceasing. To make matters worse, it was in the middle of the recession and it seemed like the whole of Dublin was erupting at the seams with money worries.

One of the positive things that comes from being a mum-of-three and stripping your life bare, is you really can’t afford to procrastinate. I just had to start putting my life back together again. However, this time I was listening to my intuition and my intuition was loudly telling me to re-open my practice. I had been a kinesiologist, reiki practitioner and reflexologist many years before my travels and now I found myself at the bottom of the stairs in my rented house throwing my hands up to heaven and saying out loud, ‘Okay, I will do what you want me to do, just make it easy.’ I was at my wits’ end and had finally stopped going against my inner knowing. I had no choice. I conceded and with that, I took the first step and I got a loan of a therapy couch.

Since then I have watched myself as I stepped out of my own way and stepped through some serious internal and external hardships and fears.  I used my Seven Principles as I reared my fantastic children and they grew into strong powerful people. I saw my twin boys turn into men, get their degrees and go on in their studies. I have watched as my beautiful baby girl blossomed and grew and is now at that turning point going from teenager to adult.  

I observed as I went from not having two cents to rub together to an abundance that is only growing. Doors opened and I found myself doing a four-year honours degree in Theology.

More doors opened and I am now doing a Masters in Trinity. I looked on as I built a wonderful working practice around these Seven Principles and watched in awe as the Seven Principles that I was blessed to receive rippled their way out into the world in the form of my book The Source which was published by Gill Books last year.

I love positive momentum, I have not only seen the effects of this in my life but I have watched my children and all my clients flourish using these Seven Principles. We are Deliberately Creating our own reality and now I am honoured to be with you to help YOU do the same.


Author, theologian, kinesiologist, life coach, course facilitator and inspirational speaker.