I wish time would slow down: Where did the past two decades go?

20 years ago today, my sister and I got off at the wrong train stop, and very nearly missed the ringing in of the New Year, 2000.

Everyone was counting down to midnight with a mixed feeling of excitement and dread - after all, a "Millennium Bug" had been predicted, and we all half expected all of the world's computers to crash at midnight and cause general chaos - some even predicted the world would end!

Of course, midnight came and went, and nothing much happened.

I can't quite grasp the fact that 20 years have passed since that day. 

2020 seemed like centuries away at the time, and yet, those 20 years have just flown.

I've been a Mammy for 15 of those, and my children have definitely kept me on my toes! 

I've changed 20k nappies, and I've seen many, many firsts - first scans, first breaths, first baths, first smiles, first teeth, first words, first wobbly steps, first days of creche, of preschool,of primary school, of secondary school...

But I've also seen many lasts, without realising they were the last... 

Last time in strollers, last nappies, last bottles, last bedtime stories, last lifts onto my shoulder, last time bathing them, feeding them, dressing them... 

I still have many firsts and lasts ahead of me as all four of my children grow up - the eldest being 14 and the youngest being just 3 - but I do sometimes wish time could slow down, just a little.

When you're in the thick of it - parenting young children - and people tell you that "they grow up so fast", believe them. 

I blinked, and my babies became toddlers, tweens, then teens. 

Next stop, adulthood...I can't even!

Camilla is 31 years old. She was born in The Netherlands, and raised between France & Ireland. She now lives in County Clare with her partner and four children aged 12, 10, 5 and 10 months. Follow her blog about her journey with diabetes.

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