I was inspired by something one of my friends said recently.  She said she had been trying to be 'Super Mum.'  But I think we are ALL Super Mums and that doesn't have to mean perfection.


SuperMum is a superhero without realising it.


Super Mum is the mother who wakes up and decides it's a good idea to attempt to take both her kids to the soft play centre for a treat.  However, things don't go according to plan, she never gets that latte she's been dreaming of whilst the kids play.  In reality, she ends up somehow holding both children at the same time, one screaming because he wants to get down and the other screaming because she hurt herself and is refusing to get down. We all know that sweat. 


Super Mum is the mother who finally cracks and shouts at the kids because they've repeatedly ignored her firm 'NOs' for the last hour.  She then has to shut herself in the bathroom for a secret cry because she's ashamed of the way she screamed at the kids, and is also worried that the neighbours may report her to social services! 


Super Mum is the mother who when she finally attempts to fall asleep at night, can be woken by a child simply breathing in a room at the far end of the hallway and where two doors are closed in between.


Super Mum is the mother who wants everyone to think her kids eat lovely lush fresh, healthy fruit and vegetables for every meal, when in reality in an effort to get them to actually eat something (anything) it's inevitably chicken nuggets or fish fingers again!


Super Mum is the mother who considers becoming teetotal every evening, and then the kids drive her to drink yet again!


Super Mum is the mother who single-handedly cooks dinner whilst listening to one child do her statutory 30 minutes of reading per day for school, removing various sponges,  cloths, washing up liquid from the other child's clutches, trying to load the washing machine and find the new bottle of ketchup all at once!


To all us Super Mum's, as one of my son's nursery teachers told me once, you should never feel like a bad mother, it doesn't matter how other people choose to do things, you do what's right for you and your family. Don't worry, we're all doing great!



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