Lauren is a blogger, author, wife and mum-of-three. Lauren wrote an open letter to her husband Eric who has been her rock through the early mornings and sleepless nights.


The letter was shared on the Love What Matters Facebook page, she wrote, “These are the years that we don't sleep. The years that we hear cries in the night and give cuddles in the darkness.”


She spoke about how their relationship has changed since they became parents. Lauren and Eric have three kids together- six-year-old Deacon, four-year-old Nora and two-year-old Andi.


“The years that we don't sleep in the same bed, but brush hands in the hallway as we pass one another by. The years that we change sheets in the middle of the night and sleep with buckets next to the bed,” she shared.


She mentioned the importance of working together as a team, “The years that we take turns answering the calls of the night and say, "Good job," when the other comes back to bed.”



There is one thing that has helped the pair’s bond stay strong, “We celebrate the nights when the kids get to sleep over at Grandma's and for one morning we wake up feeling human again.”


These are the years where they take care of their young children before they grow up in the blink of an eye and move out to start their own lives.


She said, “The years that we feed babies and change diapers and burp babies and change more diapers and feed babies again.”


The pair understands that they may snap at one another when the sleepless nights catch up on them, “We rub our tired eyes, and choose to forgive the grumpiness once again.”


Lauren shared how close they are, there’s nobody else that she’d rather go through parenthood with, “We cling to one another in the early morning hours, looking into each other's tired eyes, knowing that there is no one else either of us would want to be this exhausted with.”


Despite the tiredness, the little arguments, the messy house and the early mornings, Lauren and Eric know how lucky they are to have three wonderful children.



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“The years that we sit on the couch with our coffees in the morning, and stare at the beautiful little people we created playing on the floor.”


As a mum, Lauren understands that they will miss out on sleep and they will have bad days, but she will always be grateful for her family.


She shared, “This is the morning that I'm thankful for you, my partner of musical beds and up-all-nighters. This morning I'm thankful that I have you for the years that we don't sleep."


Lauren’s relationship with her husband has gone from strength to strength since they became parents.