Our babies are amazing little people who never cease to amaze and delight us. And while we tend to turn to books and websites to find out when they will be hitting their milestones, sometimes, they might just surprise us!


This was the case for a family in Jersey, US recently, when their one-week-old baby managed to hold his bottle with his two tiny hands, and feed himself!


Baby Adam has become something of an internet phenomenon this week, after footage of him drinking his bottle all by himself at just 18 days old went viral.


In the video, uploaded to YouTube under the guise of ‘Adam Adventures’, the tiny tot can be seen holding the bottle with his little hands, and sucking away contentedly while his family gasp in awe around him.



If you have the patience to watch the entire eight-and-a-half-minute-long phenomenon, you’ll also see that once he realises the milk is all gone, he even ‘hands’ the bottle over to his parents – and doesn’t he look satisfied?!


Born on April 6, Adam’s forays into the world of viral stardom started when he was just a week old, according to his mother.


In an interview with The Mirror, she said: “It all started when his grandmother took his adorable tiny hands and placed them on the bottle, on April 13, when he was just one week old.


“To her surprise – and everyone else’s – Adam held his own bottle. We thought it was just a one-time thing, so we didn’t think anything of it – until, a week later, he does it again.”



The family knew this was a pretty amazing skill to have at such a young age, and so they decided to start recording. In the latest video, currently doing the rounds across social media and the news sites, little Adam is not even three weeks old!


Adam isn’t the only baby amazing people around the world this week, either. Little Christian Jones has made headlines, after mum Samantha heard him saying ‘hello’ to her best friend – at the tender age of two months!


In an adorable video shared to Facebook, Samantha can be seen coaxing Christian into saying ‘hello’ – and he indulges her with the cutest greeting ever!


They really are the most amazing little creatures in the world, aren’t they?!