It is becoming somewhat of a parenting trend for women to have kids later on in life - and apparently this is a good thing, according to science.


According to a study conducted at Denmark’s Aarhus University, which has since been published in the European Journal of Developmental Psychology, older mums are more "psychologically mature" than younger mothers, and children born to older women tend to be strong on an emotional and behavioural level. 


“We know that people become more mentally flexible with age, are more tolerant of other people and thrive better emotionally themselves,” explained researcher Dion Sommer.


“That's why psychological maturity may explain why older mothers do not scold and physically discipline their children as much,” he continued. 


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Dion also went on to explain that this calmer style of parenting creates a “positive psychosocial environment” for children, while giving out to them often can cause anxiety.


Interestingly, the  results of the study also indicated the impact that social and economic factors can have ion childhood development.


It highlighted the fact that older mums are far more likely to have a strong significant other and other family relationships, higher degrees of education, and financial stability - which could also explain why they allegedly make better parents.


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 In 2012, a similar study was conducted of first-time parents over 40, and the results found that the women felt financially secure, which resulted in advantages for themselves and their kids.


“I think it's much better this way. I'm financially sound, stable. I'm not sitting there wondering how I'm gonna put the groceries on the table or provide for my children," said one of the mums from the study. 


Aarhus researchers said they saw improvement regardless of factors like background, education, and finances. “The study methodology, does in fact support 'psychological maturity' as the most relevant factor in this difference amongst the children.”


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