Kid parties seem to be getting more and more elaborate with every one - whatever happened to the cake and jelly we had growing up?


 Here are some now-common party elements you may not have considered and various options to suit your budget.


The invitations


You can buy ready-made versions or involve your child in the planning process by getting them to make the invitations themselves. Kids love craft time and your little one will enjoy the excitement of handing them out.


There are plenty of e-vite options you can send out. It does involve getting other parents’ email addresses, but it’s cost effective and your child can help you pick the design.


Word of mouth
It’s also perfectly fine to get your child to simply ask their friends to come. It’s also a good idea for you to tell their parents too – little ones can be iffy when it comes to remembering details…




Big spender
If you want to take the pressure off the grown-ups, you can hire a clown, magician or a celebrity/character impersonator to entertain the kids. Bouncing castles and sumo suits have also become increasingly popular for family events.


You can get the kids to make masks with paper plates, decorate cookies or even design t-shirts with fabric paints. They’ll be entertained and have something to take home with them.


Sweet and simple
Kids will love fun and imaginative games like musical chairs, charades, blind man’s bluff, musical statues or even relay races if the weather is nice.


Party favours


This new trend has seen kids sent home with some amazing things, such as toys, art supplies and foodie treats, so the world is your oyster. Put your imagination to work!


Personal touch
Buy some colourful paper bags, fill with sweet treats like jellies and attach a balloon or ribbon. Your bags don’t need to be solid gold – kids will be chuffed just to get a present.


Old school
Party favours are new on the kids party scene, so don’t feel like you need to do this. Once you’ve fed and entertained your child’s friends, they’ll be more than happy with you. Remember how excited you were at parties when you were their age?


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