Izzy Judd posts cute video of husband Harry reuniting with kids after month apart

Harry Judd is finally home!

The McFly drummer has been working overseas for the past month. To celebrate his return to the UK, his wife Izzy has posted an emotional video of her husband reuniting with his family, including their eldest children.

“Daddy’s home,” Izzy sweetly captioned the video on Instagram earlier this morning.

In the video montage, Izzy tells her two eldest kids, six-year-old Lola and five-year-old Kit, that she has a special surprise for them. The clip shows the mum-of-three holding her youngest child, one-year-old Lockie, in her arms. 

“We’re not going to the petrol station,” 38-year-old Izzy tells her children. “We’re going to the airport!”

“Who are we going to get at the airport?”, she continues to tease, before Lola and Kit realise and exclaim, “Daddy!”.

Izzy’s video montage then goes on to showcase the two children adorably preparing cards and welcome home signs for their dad. The clip then cuts to the pair waiting impatiently in the airport’s arrivals lounge.

When 36-year-old dad Harry appears, Lola and Kit immediately run over to him and leap into his arms, before Harry embraces his children.

The video ends with a sweet shot of Izzy welcoming her husband home with a hug and peck on the lips.

Since posting the emotional reunion footage, Izzy has received an outpouring of love from her 302K followers.

“Oh my god Iz…… CRYING”, commented model Georgia Jones.

“So gorgeous”, replied fitness influencer Steph Elswood.

“Real life love actually scene”, wrote lawyer Jenna Saunders.

Harry last appeared on social media in early November. “I’m going away for a month. Having a digital detox,” he wrote on Instagram, alongside a selfie of himself and baby Lockie. It is rumoured that the McFly star travelled overseas to take part in a reality show, but nothing is confirmed yet.

We’re glad to see that Harry has returned home safe!